Ok Stormies you know those Prize Pods Prize Pot you kept seeing in some parts of my walkthrough, well they come with a purpose... Production staff, the rewa-

<A production staff member runs to LA and whispers>

LA:RRRRrrr so at the end of this segment

LA:The Stormies won't find out

LA:Your saying all this on a microphone

LA:and saying it to the entire!

LA: #_#

LA:AAhhh never mind what i just said there Stormies hehehe

Ok here are the locations for the Prize Pods!!!

The way to get huge amounts of ingredients off these Pods is simply, have 2 Magnega's, about 5 ~ 6 Thundaga's, when you see them, launch a Magnega and Thundaga them!!. Rinse and Repeat, some ingredients may need more than the others so it's better to go back and find the Pods once more to snags some more ingredients off them

Once you get all the ingredients bring them to Disney Town and talk to Huey(the red one), he'll you will have tons of ice creams, these item ice creams are used for quick fast Command Styles in a pinch, however every time you eat one there is a chance to go into ..Frozen Fortune Command Style!!!!

Now ohh yes i get to show you the reward for getting all ice creams, whenever a character has finished gathering all the ingredients for each ice cream they get this!!!

Sweetstack Sweetstack (Aqua) KHBBS

Now onto the matches at Mirage Arena!!!!!!!...more sidequesting YAH!</sarcasm>

Land of Departure | <- The Trophy Cabinet | Mirage Arena ->

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