Alrighty now, Deep Space. Oh, I forgot! For this section Stormies, we have a guest speaker! He's coming any second and he's going to help with the much needed.......

Excalibur: FOOL!!



Excalibur: FOOL!!!

LA: Why are you here? Wait, are you....

Excalibur: My legend dates back to the 12th century, thank you very much......

LA: WHAT???? You're the guest speaker?

Excalibur: There are 1000 provisions you must observe if your going to be my Meister. Provision 58: When I'm humming a tune to myself, you must not speak! This is an important provision, you understand?

LA: Gaa, can't you just shut up?

Excalibur: Errr, no. I've taken over this section and it's now time for the 5 hour storytelling party. *Excalibur starts humming a tune*

Everyone: LAME!!!

LA: Hell no to both Excalibur...

Excalibur: FOOL! I told you not to speak while I'm humming!!!!

LA: GOD, HE'S ANNOYING! Ok, let's just get on with the WALKTHROUGH!!!!!

Deep Space Logo KHBBS

Alrighty, so we first show up and...and...Unversed battle? Now? "My legend starts at the 12th centur-" SHUT UP!!!! Ehhh. Anyway, as I was saying, this will be predictable as it happened once at Olympus. Ok, so these group of Unversed are easy as long as you time your attacks and guard with renewal barrier. When Vile Phial Medicine Bottle shows up, kill them first as they cure other Unversed and make it a longer battle.

Once you've taken out the Unversed....ahhhhh! A blue thing! Oh, it's just Stitch being chased by a big elephant...ohhh, that's Gantu...who thinks we're stowaways. God, at least he's not as stupid as Pete... The stupid elephant guy Gantu took us all the way to the Grand Councilwoman and she sees that Aqua is good (thank god). Unfortunately, we need to get rid of Unversed in her ship and find Stitch and Dr.Jumba. Let's get to it!!

Ok, before we do Exterminator, let's do a treasure hunt. Ok, so from the cutscene you can see a small treasure chest and a save point. You know the drill, unless you wanna repeat that last battle... Go forward and see another treasure chest and then go to the right side and carry on through the door.

In the Ship Corridor, go forward and head right all the way. Turn another right to another door (you choose wether to fight or not), grab the treasure chests and carry on.

Now we're in the Durgon Transporter...the same place where we faced those dang Unversed the first time we showed up! You choose: Fight or Flight.

Mimic Master's Aqua Fake
LegendAqua - I am Master LegendAqua
TALK - Where's Ven?LegendAqua 11:03, May 24, 2011 (UTC)
If you're a low level, it's best to level here. Try to be around level 15-20.

At the bottom of the machine doohikky you'll find another treasure chest. Go to the area with the red lights and go to through the door. From there TRANSFORM...into the armour. We gots some space Unversed to kill.

This part is fun, you're killing Unversed without the damage (unless you're idiot enough to get hurt). Attack with B t or B c and defend with B s. Use the turning catapults to do a spinning attack that will do heaps of damage. Once you've killed all the Unversed here you get Air Slide and a cutscene....

Aqua found a weird Wayfinder, hmmmm. Anywho, we've still got Unversed to kill. Back in the Durgon Transporter, equip Air Slide because you'll need it. Kill all the Unversed in the area and then use the transporter in the centre of the area. Then we get to watch a meaningless, yet bright light show that transports us away.

In the new area we see a save point. Save and go to the large door. Hmm, Stitch knows Terra? Unversed again!?

Alrighty cool, Stitch gets to help kill some Unversed with us. Same deal as always just Magnera(ga), swipe, activate Command Styles and use Shotlocks. Also, Guard and counter when needed. Use Stitch by pressing B t to do area damage.

As a reward we get an HP increase!

Excalibur: FOOL!!!

LA: Excalibur, SHUT UP!!!!

Once you kill the Unversed we get a nice talk with Stitch. He says Ter-ra and leaves. Man, Stitch knows Terra?

Excalibur: We hear news that blue weird strong tough gibberishing mammal and a doctor are in the launch deck.

LA: Errr, Excalibur just call him Stitch and that's Dr. Jumba!

Excalibur: You wanna fight?

Anyway, remember how we went to the right side of the Control Room? Well, now go to the left side.

This place is, err, vertical all the way. Once again fight or flight. There is a treasure chest with Fire Surge in this area. If you want it at the bottom, then press the machine for antigravity experience (it's just higher jumps). Keep jumping until you find another one of those machine terminals, press it, jump and then use air slide which we acquired a while back. Get another treasure chest which has another Shotlock (Prism Rain) and then go back and press the terminal. Keep going up until you reach another door.

We see Dr. Jumba and Stitch dispute about 626's (Stitch) behavior and once again Stitch grabs the weird Wayfinder. From what I hear from Dr. Jumba here, Terra has been good! But our reunion with Stitch is cut short, because Gantu shows up and tries to kill Stitch. Not on our watch! Ok, you big elephant ninny, you're the one who's gonna be turned into a million pieces!

ElephantSomebody Battle: Gantu
HP: 600
Difficulty: Easy for all Modes
Fun Rating: ********


Gantu is really easy, even in Proud mode! Utilising Stitch makes his Fun rating skyrocket, compared to some of the other bosses we've faced. Here's the fun: when Gantu fires the goo laser, time it right and guard with renewal barrier to replenish your HP. He may ram you, in which case just dodge or get hit and then counter to do multiple hits. When Gantu's HP gets low he'll start slapping you out of the way. Simply attack him on the back or counter his attacks. The best thing is that Stitch actually does damage to Gantu, SWEET!!! When you see Stitch jumping press B s and then B x to make Stitch fly straight to Gantu's face, which distracts him and gives you a chance to attack. When Gantu releases Stitch repeat the process until his pitiful HP bar is at 0. This is one of the easiest battles in BBS!

For a reward we get an increase in deck capacity!!

Hahaahaha, Gantu gets in trouble! However, Stitch still gets his punishment but Aqua's kind nature (which we all love) makes Aqua try to help Stitch, by saying that Stitch is trying to make friends. Aqua becomes Stitch's friend as well, along with Terra and Ventus.

Another reward we get is a D-Link from Stitch (Experiment 626) and another keyblade, Hyperdrive! Hyperdrive (Aqua) KHBBS

When we leave the world we get access to another Command Board, Deep Space.

Excalibur: Hmmmmmmm, now Provision 667: Always praise Excalibur.

LA: Ok, Excalibur I praise you to get out of here!!

Excalibur: FOOL!!!! Don't you realize that fluffy fairies live with me?

LA: WHAT? Hey, stop going over the next sections script!

Excalibur: FOOL!!!

LA: Ok fine, I get the 1000 provisions. Now let us join together

Excalibur: Well, as long as you listen to the 5 hour storytelling party......then thus you have been chosen! It shall all be yours!! Victory and Glory!! NOW LET'S GO TOGETHER!!!

LA: Victory! Glory!

*LA puts Excalibur sword form back into the ground in a distant cave*

LA: Huh! Who would want a guest speaker to be a dumb sword like you?! *LA walks away*

Excalibur: Hey, hold on come back!

*LA comes all the way back*

LA: Useless piece of garbage. Huuuuuuuh, well until next time Stormies! (GOD HE WAS ANNOYING!!!!)

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