Welcome to the mini game sub hub (Mirage arena is the Hub) world. God, so many renditions for Disney Town, but I rather prefer this rendition of it- modern and full of mini games!!!! Alrighty, let's go Stormies!!!

Disney Town Logo KHBBS

So that's a surprise, that fat guy nearly rammed us! After Captain Justice's big clichéd crap entrance Aqua just ignores him (thank you Aqua!) and Pete starts to rant about helping others. Aqua declines (man, being rejected twice by the same person) but Pete is an exception.

Trouble! Horace shows up and talks about monsters being in the Fruitball Plaza. Pete declines the opportunity to help (obviously) and Horace calls him Captain Useless (THAT HE IS HORACE, THAT HE IS) So now you Stormies needs to handle things....ahhh, the first mini game.

Before we go talk to Horace, let's get some treasure!! On the right side of the screen is a big treasure chest (Map) and there is another treasure chest on the right side of the big chest. Now whack the Postbox multiple times to get Confetti.

Talk to Horace and he'll give you a brief tutorial on how to play the game.

Now, I know 3 against one is unfair but they're very slow at throwing. Use B t to your advantage and use banana's to stun them and earn extra points. When the clock is around the 1.30 mark nets show up. DO NOT MAKE ANY FRUIT BOUNCE BACK OR YOU'LL GIVE THEM POINTS.

Once you win, you get a Balloon Letter.

Horace says we did great and then Queen Minnie and Pluto show up. News about the King!? Horace says the right things about Pete (as he does) and then we learn about the Million Dreams Award. Then it's Queen Minnie's turn to rant about Pete misbehaving.

Now for the Million Dreams Award. Man, hasn't this festival gone fast? The Millions Dreams Award goes to.....Aqua, Ventus and Terra!! But, doesn't that mean that Ven and Terra have showed up here? Agro Pete says it's his award (GOD, HE IS ANNOYING IN THAT COSTUME!!!!!!!! Ahem hem, let me rephrase that, BOTH COSTUMES) and he gets really angry and knocks off Queen Minnie's vote. Minnie RAGE!!!!!!!!Hey hey, Pete gets sent to prison!!!

Aqua, with Ven and Terra absent, gets the prize. It's an... ICE CREAM? Ohh well, better than nothing right? Royalberry KHBBS

In the next cutscene we see Pete (uhh) in the middle of nowhere, ranting about how he shouldn't be here...... and then a familiar voice is heard and Pete is set free (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!).

That's it for this world....for now. We get another command board for our troubles.

Onto the next world!!!

For full details about Fruitball, look here

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