Welcome to the the land where keyblades had died.... craters that shows the destruction of the Keyblade War itself....

Keyblade Graveyard Logo KHBBS

Let's go!

First there are 2 treasure chests behind you then go back and you should see big treasure chest(Map), then go forward...

to the Twister Trench, either run away fast as you can or fight some big Unversed inside the twisters, either way get outta here quickly!!!... onto

the Fissure, SAVE then buy 2 Mine Squares.....then go back to the Twister Trench to level up the Mine Squares. Afterwards go back and SAVE then go forward to the final place....

Now we have seen both of these cutscene twofold, watch it Stormies if you want......

In the cutscene, hmm this cutscene we have not seen....Terra picks himself up then goes back up to the large rock grounds....

Master Xehanort and Vanitas.....Xehanort then babbles to Terra. Terra then shouts to what happened to Ven. Terra then goes aggro....boss battle time...

Somebodies Battle: Master Xehanort & Vanitas
Master Xehanort KHBBSVanitas KHBBS
HP: ???,???
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Ok, firstly don't even lay a keyblade hilt on Xehanort, just focus your target on Vanitas, Xehanort may attack you, just run away then go back to attacking Vanitas, after enough HP is dealt another custcene will show up....

Xehanort then says to end Aqua's life and take what Ven owes Vanitas?, Vanitas leaves the stage, then Xehanort blocks Terra.....Terra then says that Xehanort will pay then he goes DARKNESS AGGRO!!!!!!.. boss battle 2# time...

Somebody Battle: Master Xehanort
Master Xehanort KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: **


Ok now Master Xehanort has a few attacks, a combo move, guard that, he can fire shards of ice, dodge that. He can also push up the ground causing damage, dodge that. He can also bring up the keyblade ride, dodge that!!!. Finally he has a Dark-Thundaga attack, when you see a light on the ground area dodge away from that area. Use Shotlocks and he should be down, also he also has a tendency to teleport.

Now you get HP increase... but its not over....

Xehanort falls but then a huge explosion....the X-Blade is forged?...and what what is Xehanort doing.. no NO...XEHANORT!!!

Xehanort heart within Terra?.. and now Xehanort fades. The new Xehanort then sheds his armour then says Hmmm something familiar then he leaves but then what Terra's armour cages Terra-Xehanort....the Finale battle....

"Your body submits, Your heart succumbs, So why does your mind resist!!!!"

??? Battle: Terra-Xehanort
Terra-Xehanort KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: *


He is extremely fast, he can do a combo, guard as soon as possible. He can also do Dark Volley, Guard it. He can also do quake just dodge before he casts it. He can also guard your attacks, so that may be a problem. He will also do the final combo move from Dark Impulse either go with the combo(have enough HP) then counter his combo. For the normal combo move please be at full health otherwise he will kill you. Once enough HP is gone he wil try and bring rocks from the surface and attack you with it. Use Shotlocks to become invincible and dodge the attack. He will also do Ultima Cannon, if you kept some of the Focus Gauge use it to once again dodge his attack. FInally he can CURE!!!!!!. Just get him before he cures otherwise it's gonna be a long battle....

For a reward you get Xehanort Report 11 and you get to see the final cutscenes... which is not that much.....

Congrats you finished Terra's Story, now onto the last story of Birth By Sleep....... the Last Episode!!!!, if you meet the requirements, Meet you there Stormies!!!!!

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