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OK Stormies.. eh C.C? were here the entire time?


C.C:Yes also i had ordered 20 pizzas from your credit card while you were doing this, i ate about 15 of them....

LA:So err.. you gonna stay?

C.C:Up to this section

LA:Umm ok....OK Stormies onto the Badlands..!!

Xehanort says Ven has found out the secret and now Ven is going back home.....Xehanort says to protect Ven.......

For a reward?.. you get Dark Impulse Command Style

Ok Stormies time to go back home.....

to Land of Departure...

Terra sees Ven about to be hit by Eraqus, Terra comes in the nick of time and saves Ven, and Stormies we've seen this cutscene..but anyways.....this cutscene is to sad to skip....Terra defends Eraqus' attacks then Eraqus attack flipping both Terra and Ven away, Terra then says he'll protect Ven then throws Ven into a portal...and then Terra takes a fighting pose onto Eraqus... No.....this can't be..

C.C: It seems so LA....

Somebody Battle: Master Eraqus
Master Eraqus KHBBS
HP: 750
Difficulty: Medium ~ Hard
Fun Rating: ***


OK now... *LA cries for a bit* Hmm Hmmm here we go, Terra will automatically go into Dark Impulse Command Style, there beat Eraqus down and counter any of his attacks. Once the Command Style is gone guard his attacks(be careful they are fast). He has another attack which is charging at you, guard it the attack again. Another attack is him firing 3 light balls, dodge them. He has a tendency to guard as well, just wait for him to stop guarding. Another attack is of him firing 3 fire swords and it tracks you dodge or run away from it. Another(Phew) attack is of him cloaking himself with several light swords just stay away from him and guard when he releases them. When your on your last bar, he teleports to do his attack, please dodge them otherwise you will die. Use Shotlocks as much as possible!!.

For a reward you get HP Increase.....

Terra then apologizes now??!!??!!, Eraqus then says he blames himself for the darkness in Terra. Eraqus then says his own heart is darkness then... suddenly....Eraqus starts to fade.....

Xehanort then shows up.. YOU!!!!, TERRA I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!.......Xehanort then says Terra needs to go to darkness.. then Xehanort says to meet him in the Keyblade Graveyard. Xehanort then does does....

Lod darkness

LA:C.C i can't watch...

C.C:Stormies just watch it....

<C.C then comforts LA from the sight of Land of Departure being destroyed>

Ok i'm ok i'm ok, thank you C.C for being here.. and thank you...

C.C:No problem....umm can i take then last pizza box?

LA:What, ohh yeah sure *sniffs*

OK Stormies for a reward you get Xehanort Report 10 and Chaos Ripper Chaos Ripper KHBBS

Ok Stormies meet me in the Keyblade Graveyard for the battle of your lives.....again again

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