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Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep/LegendAqua/Part 36

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time.. ohh wait ok here we go....

Terra is now no way.. yes way...

Paopu fruit?..Aqua's voice Hmmm come back Errr.......anyways

Terra walks into darkness?.....

Terra then has another talk with himself...

Sora and Riku?.....iconic scene, but in a different time... once again Terra has another talk with himself.

Sora sees Terra but goes off, Riku however....

Terra and Riku has a talk about the island and was that young Xehanort?..then Riku(KH2)???...then the talk changes to friendship and worlds...

Terra then initiates Riku into the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, touching words though Terra, Sora then shouts at Riku.

"Protect the things that matter"....

What what's this?...

Ends of the Earth Ends of the Earth KHBBS

back onto the Lanes again and Terra sees....Ven? Xehanort then wants to talk again.. Hmmm off we go again!!

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