OK Stormies we got our final guest for this WALKTHROUGH!!!... meet C.C from Code Geass!!!!

<cricket noises>

LA:PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<LA rambles to the PRODUCTION STAFF>

C.C:Uhh i'm here


LA:AT a waa?...ohh hello C.C hehe sorry about that...

<LA gives a snark eyes to the Production staff>

LA:OK Stormies let's...

C.C: Can i have pizza?

LA:Ahhh ok.. hold on...

<LA types 0800 83 83 83 and asks for 3 Cheese-kun pizzas>

<3 minutes later>

LA:OK C.C we'll get the pizza soon ok let's go on with the walkthrough!!!!

C.C:You don't have the Geass don't you LA?

LA:Ummmmmmm...No?????, Let's just carry on eh C.C?

Terra sees Hook and Smee up against some Unversed and now Terra goes hero..great... Hmm Hmm KILL THOSE UNVERSED!!!!

Hook goes "Ohh i got this under control" speech and then Smee does a fighting thingy hehe.... Hook and Terra has a bit of a talk, then Hook says something about the light, Hook then says some guy wants the light...Terra the hero again, Terra please.......

Neverland Logo KHBBS

Onto Skull Rock huh Stormies and C.C?

C.C:Umm yeah.....

ok go through onto the Gully, there get the treasure chests and SAVE...then go through to the passage....

onto the Jungle Clearing ..fight or flight onto...

Mermaid Lagoon .. kill the Unversed then go down onto the water and get the 2 treasure chests, on surface land fly over to the patch of land, kill the Unversed then go through...

onto Cliff Path.. ok first kill the Unversed and don't open the big treasure chest(Spiderchest), then go up the hill fly over onto the rock then fly over to the palm tree then back into Mermaid Lagoon, there there is 2 treasure chests, one them another Spiderchest, the other one Geo Impact get it and EQUIP it then backtrack to the next area then you'll find another area....

Which is the Cove, there get the treasure and SAVE then go through the area and find a boat, examine it and you'll be taken to Skull Rock.

Ok C.C i actually need to get the pizza now umm can you take over....for a bit?


<LA goes offscreen>

C.C:OK Stormies i kinda figured this out but you don't have the Payback Fang for Terra right?, well here is where to find it..

Mimic Master&#039;s Aqua Fake
LegendAqua - I am Master LegendAqua
TALK - Where's Ven? 究極の Computer 5!! 12:10, August 27, 2011 (UTC)
I'll uhh be using this, OK first go back to Disney Town, there go to the'll find a blue treasure chest near the Plaza area and there it is...Oop LA is coming, umm get back to Neverland Stormies!!!

OK back at the Cove go and examine the boat. On Skull Rock there will be several entries, all of them are fine....

<LA comes back with 3 pizza boxes>


<C.C starts eating the pizza...>

LA:Well uhh guess it's back to me and where aar.....ahh ok cutscene time!!!

Smee and Hook has another talk.. about a shooting star..Hmm Ven, Mickey?.....

Hook then says Terra must protect the chest..err.. Terra your not getting it aren't you..

Peter goes distracting and now comes down and fight time... Peter no light, Peter?????????

Somebody Battle: Peter Pan?
Peter Pan KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: easy
Fun Rating: ****


Ok so Peter Pan flies right, well a way to get him down is by firing Thundaga at him when he is close then attack!, one attack has him going up the you see some yellow things around his hands then a short hit, dodge it or counter it, either way that's his only attack, Rinse and Repeat, also use Shotlocks and D-Links. Also you don't have to fully finish him off...

For a reward you get Command Style Bladecharge!!

The boys get the treasure chest then we see the bounty, literally... Terra got hoodwinked....Terra apologizes then the name game again....Terra then leaves and now we get D-Link for Peter Pan!!! but wait no keyblade huh???

Well now go out of the cave for a surprise...

Great the boys are in trouble, one thing i love this song....ok go back into the cave ;D

Unversed Battle: Jellyshades
Shade Jelly
HP: one digit
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *******


These guys again, just hack em'

YaH!! Deck capacity increase!!!. The boys then praise Terra then tells them to hide from Hook. Terra then slips and frees Tink. Croc's back then Hook runs away, umm boys what do you mean this time?....then ...great another flashback....

Watch it while i'll eat pizza with C.C.......

Ok back ..<LA gulps some pizza down> again.. then Terra has another conversation and eh isn;t this idea... Ven, wooden... keyblade?

On speaking of which we get Pixie Petal Pixie Petal (Terra) KHBBS

Terra is now at the Lanes and sees a light...until next....

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