Ok Stormies one more section left until our guest arrives, now production staff ooohhh a scavenger hunt for Stormies before we move on eh?..wait their impossible to do!!!!

  • Find a quad edged keyblade
  • Make a pancakes out of Nothingness(but needs to be seen)
  • Finish killing Unknown in one hit

LA:Errrr.errr..... PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HE' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LA:Ok let's carry on shall we.....

What Jellyshades swarm.. KILL THEM ALL!!!

You get HP increase Yah!!!......then......

Wow a big spaceship...

Deep Space Logo KHBBS

What's this?....Terra wakes up in in a cell?... Unversed vs. the elephant man, i think Terra will handle it Elephant man...

Once again Stormies Kill them ALL!!! they won't be that much of a problem.

Then some guy wants out...then says something about his experiment...and so we release the insane guy..hmmm hmm Dr. Jumba.

Ok let's find 626???

Ok here you can find lot's of treasure chests but there all inside cells, your choice.... go through the big door...

Now you'll find a SAVE point then go to the transporter... there is also a big treasure chest(Map)

Ok automatically there are Unversed fight or flight Stormies....go through the redish door to go outside..

KILL the Unversed there.....if you want

Now there will be a terminal turn it on then guard to destroy the guns then deal with the Unversed, then go up and you'll see another door....

Then go down then turn on another terminal then go find another door....

Now SAVE then get the treasure chest then go through the door....

At the end of the hallway there is a sticker and a treasure chest.. then go through the door...

We see 626 in a containment....Dr.Jumba talks about 626 a bit too much.

626 then gets Terra's wayfinder then he gets is this a feeling Terra?....

626 gives it back to him, the Terra has another talk to himself...errrrr....

Jumba then says he'll give an example of his evil genuineness ok crap you just had to say Terra didn't you..

Somebody Battle: Experiment 221
Experiment 221 KHBBS
HP: 500
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***, **** for originality


Ok now watch out for his discharge attack as it will hurt alot, the other attack his his eletroball attack just guard. He can also do a quick speed attack just dodge it then attack him. After at bit of HP decrease 221 will control 2 guns guard in a pattern then the guns will be inoperable freeing 221 making you attack him more!!!(Note:He can go into it multiple times). There is one more attack, the big electro, just dodge it when he releases it. Use Shotlocks as much as possible.

For a reward you get Command Style Thunderbolt.

hehe...626 comes back???....Terra, Jumba and 626 has a little talk....

then we get alarmed ...great....

Terra bails

For a reward you get D-Link for 626 and Hyperdrive Hyperdrive (Terra) KHBBS

Now for me i can't wait for the next section, our guest shows up!!!!

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