ok Stormies, we have confirmation of the exact time the guest will arrive, let's see here....ohh 2 sections away, ok Stormies while you wait let's continue!!!!!

Unversed already, well this was predictable right?

Ohh a gud right jab!!. Terra the protector?.. OK KILLTHOSEUNVERSED!!!!

Terra helps out Herc, then they have a talk about the games?.....

Power talk again Terra?

Olympus Coliseum Logo KHBBS

Go forward.. to another cutscene

Hades talks to himself, then finds Terra of "USE" then says that darkness will be in everyones...

Hades then says he could conquer the darkness, he says.. to join the games.

Limited time offer what is this BK?

Get the 3 treasure chests then go through the door....

Inside the Vestibule get the big treasure chest(Map) then SAVE then talk to Hades....

Contract Hades?...Earthy hehehe nice James Woods Hades. Win the final round? Huh?... Am i being played here?

Ok tournament time, you remember Aqua's tournament right?, exactly the same, ou got your tume limit as well as the hord of Jellyshades at the final round... If you fail no bigs, you can just level up and gain extra munny. When you finished the final round. COMPLETE!!

For a reward you get HP increase and Sonic Impact!!!

Ok your back in the Vestibule, SAVE then talk to Hades....

Hades improvises and sees a masked man and lures him over....not good.

Terra has another "darkness talk" again to himself, and now the fight begins!!!

Somebody Battle:  ???(But for Crisis Core fans you know who he is)
Zack- Dark Form with Helmet KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: easy
Fun Rating: ****


He is easy, just watch out for his Braver and his Dark Shot move then strike him again!!

The guy lost then rises up again...and tries to strike Terra!!!. He then says "It's not me..". Hades then shows up and he just played Terra. Ok round 2 as it seems. Let's save Zack!!

Somebody Battle: Zack
Zack- Dark Form KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Ok he's harder this time, just watch out for his new Omnislash move as you will be hit by a multihit combo which you cannot block. He still has his original attacks from before. Otherwords, keep your distance and attack also use Shotlocks when possible...

For a reward you get deck capacity increase!!

Confetti with no audience?.....

Terra and Zack has a little talk afterwards.....

For a reward we get D-Link for Zack and Mark of a Hero Mark of a Hero (Terra) KHBBS

Ok Stormies onto the next world!!!!

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