Ok Stormies here is a treat for you!!!, production staff don't fail me now we now have your..wait Stormies i got a note!!

""The guest is still not here, nice keyblade by the way LA ^^""
—Production Staff, Guest Division Alpha


<LA rambles about the shoty production...again ~.~>

- *Opening credits from Bleach plays*

LA:Ok Ok *LA slides the opening credits away*, hmm hmmm let's continue...shall we Stormies?

Ummm Terra you do realize that it's a RACE TRACK!!!!...wait for it...yeah Terra nearly got run over.......

We get a name calling convo then the disney gang said that Terra's crazy for being out on the race track(TOLD YA...BURN!!!!!!!!!)

Minnie goes at Terra as well. Then Captain Dark?.. oooh wait it's just Pete. Pete the cheater..perfect.

Terra then says he needs to get the Unversed, only choice join the races......with the rules....

Disney Town Logo KHBBS

Talk to Chip or is it Dale anywho's talk to them and then minigame time!!!

You get shown the rules then Let's race!!.

If you skipped the rules Stormies i'll give you a preview... B x is to accelerate, B s is to brake, use rings to give you a boost, R1 and L1 is to change view, B c is to attack and B t is to guard....

This track is easy with an easy (visible) shortcut. Go through the track 5 times in 1st place then you win!!!

For a reward you get Hi-Potion ohh goody....

Captain Dark or Pete rambles on about how his kart had a few springs loose etc..etc.. yeah yeah Pete we know you're a bad kart driver.....

Vote?, Pete(duh?), Minnie then explains the Million Dreams Award, then Minnie still says about Pete again, and finally Chip and Dale would vote for Terra. Terra also says that you don't have to bend the rules. Then a Darkness talk with himself.....

Now for the Million Dreams Award. Man, hasn't this festival gone fast? The Millions Dreams Award goes to.....Aqua, Ventus and Terra!! But, doesn't that mean that Aqua and Terra have showed up here? Agro Pete says it's his award (GOD, HE IS ANNOYING IN THAT COSTUME!!!!!!!! Ahem hem, let me rephrase that, BOTH COSTUMES) and he gets really angry and knocks off Queen Minnie's vote. Minnie RAGE!!!!!!!!Hey hey, Pete gets sent to prison!!!

Terra, with Aqua and Ven absent, gets the prize. It's an... ICE CREAM? Ohh well, better than nothing right? Rockin&#039; Crunch KHBBS

Note:Have you realized that whenever anyone eats the ice cream, well that THERE'S NO BITE!!!!!!

In the next cutscene we see Pete (uhh) in the middle of nowhere, ranting about how he shouldn't be here...... and then a familiar voice is heard and Pete is set free (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!).

That's it for this world....for now. We get another command board for our troubles.

Onto the next world!!!... which is a tournament more than a world, you know where Stormies....

For full details about Rumble Racing, look here

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