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Kairi: It seems today, That all you see, Is Heartless in movies, and Nobodies on T.V.

Sora: But where are those good old fashion values....

All: On which we used to rely?! Lucky theres a family guy! Lucky theres a man who, positively can do, all the things that make us...

Roxas: laugh and cry!

All: He's a Fam-ily Guy!

Sora: Yeah. About that, I don't think I can go through with it.

Xemnas(Death): Sora, listen, without hearts, the world would be a terrible place. Imagine a world where Ansem was still had a heart?.

Announcer(Guardian): Today on "Ansem!", we'll be talking with Enixwood hunk, Cloud Strife.

Ansem: Now, they tell me in your next movie, we get to see your Buster Sword?.

[Girls cheering]

Cloud Strife: Yes, yes, you do.

Ansem: Can we see it right now?

Cloud Strife: Well, all right, Ansem.

Ansem: Oh! He's going to do it!

Announcer(Guardian): If you're going to be in the End of the World area, und would like tickets to Ansem call 130-du werdest eine Krankenschwester brauchen!

Xemnas: Look, Sora, all you gotta do is sit there. The gummi ship is gonna crash in Hollow Bastion. Pilot error. Big mess. Everybody goes boom.

Sora: Jeez, everybody?

Xemnas: Except you. Hold on, I'm getting another call. Namine?

Sora: Still me.

Xemnas: Namine

Sora: "Yes?" Just kidding, it's still me.

Donald Duck(Pilot): We now begin our final approach into Hollow Bastion International. If you look out the window to you're right, you'll see the 100 Acre Woods where my brother Huey makes a very nice living making ice cream. We'll be on the ground in 10 minutes.

Sora: Aw, jeez.


LA:What the?.. is this suppose to be in the script?

Production staff member:No just feedback from a stray TV airwave

LA:Ohh RRRRrrrrr ok Stormies this has been a big waste of time.. seeya next time for the actual walkthrough through Radiant Garden with Terra!.. #.#

<LA rambles on about the shoty production>

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