Hello i'm LA your Lead anchor for Channel KHB News with our reporter Terra nearing Yen Sid's tower.. Terra?

Terra:Yes LA i'm just going to Yen Sid's Tower now!!!(So should you Stormies!!)

LA:Terra what do you see?

Terra:Umm a mouse who is running out of the Tower then using a Sar thing then got whisked away!!

LA:What a Star no...Ven's!!! anyways Terra what do you see now?

Terra:Well i see the logo

Mysterious Tower Logo KHBBS

LA:Ahhh i see well Terra are there any treasure chests outside?

Terra:Yes 3!!! and some Unversed

LA:Now Terra what is inside the tower

Terra:Ahh i'll have a look

Terra:Ok i'm inside the tower with some stairs and a big treasure chest with a Magic recipe...

LA:But where is Yen?

Terra: I think he's up the stairs, i'm going up there now!!!. Now for some news!!!. He's expected me for an interview huh?..anyways Mickey is the king and an apprentice and that the Star Shard and keyblade will sought whats right. Yen Sid also says that the Unversed and Master Xehanort are connected and also to find Master Xehanort.

Lanes Between Master Xehanort's voice beckons me, i'll follow him

LA:Ok Terra...hmmmm

Terra:I'm going to ???

LA:Wait Terra...(TRANSMISSION CUT).....

Terra: LA, LA, ohh well i'll still get intel....ohh Master Xehanort!!!. Vanitas huh.. a creature of pure darkness.. what Master Xehanort made him, wait Ventus!!!. So that's how Vanitas was made and now he said that Master Xehanort left Ventus with Eraqus ok.

Terra:(Flashback...Stormies just watch i'll clear some up with Ven's past)

Terra: Vanitas is still free because he escaped!!!, he also uses the keyblade to make the Unversed and is not his to bear. And now to find find light..Radiant Garden....Time to protect Ventus!!

LA:(TRANSMISION BACKUP AND 100% functional).. ok Terra we just got word of all of it through other means of communication.. but something is off really off.. anyways Terra time to go the Radiant Garden!!!! See ya Stormies...and this has been KHB News with LA.. Good night!!!

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