Ok Stormies onto the land of dwarves and a pretentious, jealous Queen. And No our guest is still not here....PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!!!!!..a word..

<LA argues intensely to Production staff>

N'ye still got a bit to go with our guest but i do have one hint, she's.. yes she is from Code Geass!!!



<LA throws Excalibur into a rocket launcher>


Ahh another movie cliche this time the Queen with the grandma face(Magic Mirror). We get this cutscene no?

Terra snoops at the Queens and the Mirror's conversation then Terra reveals himself then says whether Master Xehanort was here...MISS...

Then Queen strucks a deal-kill Snow White for intel for where Master Xehanort is.

So the Queen has a grudge against Snow White... Queen then says where Snow White is.. so we gotta find her near some flowery plains....

Terra talks to himself then walks off...

Dwarf Woodlands Logo KHBBS

First SAVE then go out the door, don't bother talking to the Queen cos she'll just dismiss you...

Ok so your in the Vault, now there are Unversed as per always and 2 treasure chests on big(Spiderchest), now continue up the steam bubbles then get the treasure chests along the wall but once again the big one is a Spiderchest then follow the stairs then to the big door....

onto the Underground Waterway now kill the Unversed then you'll find a small door go through it...

onto the Courtyard, SAVE then get the 3 treasure chests, one of them is a Map then go through the gates onto the.....

Terra finds Snowy then approaches her, afterwards Terra syas something in his head then asks the classic question:Where/How/Why/Where is Master Xehanort you know the same intel....

Obviously no..FAIL then Unversed show up and Snowy runs for the woods nice...ok let's kill these Unversed!!!

Once you killed all the Unversed well.. as a reward you get Air Slide

"Lost her"...DUH!!!, now time to go back to the Mirror..which means BACKTRACK BACK TO THE MIRROR GO ON!!!

Once back at the Magic Mirror Chamber you well...Queen getsa angry that you didn't kill Snowy

So the Magic Mirror will decimate you into oblivion in a by orders from the Queeny!!!!

Somebodies Battle: Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ***


This is exactly the same battle style as Aqua's fight except for one minor detail, he doesn't have the white fireball attack so.. it's even easier!!!. In my case if you remember his weak points and when he stops attack counter and attack him!!!... Rinse and Repeat

For a reward you get HP increase and Command Style Firestorm

Yah were out!!!..and the Queen is stunned!!, Queen orders Magic Mirror to answer it, but the answer is....ANOTHER DEAD END!!!!.....Terra then leaves....

Terra then talks to himself again then says he should talk to Yen Sid...

Another reward you get is Treasure Trove Treasure Trove (Terra) KHBBS

Yah!! another world done!!! onto Yen Sid's until next time Stormies!!

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