Ok Stormies the last leg of the race, the last story's Terra's Story... *LA weeps* ohh Stormies you grow sooo fast!!!!!...

LA:Production crew stop crying!!!!!

Ok Stormies *weeps* let's go!!!!

But Stormies if you've seen my userpage u know why i don't like to use Terra, i got nothing against him(besides hmm hmm spoilers)...but he is extremely slow and his charging attack is the dodging?... but has great strength and he is mostly a physical attacker....that's where i do not dabble in.. ok enough about Terra let's go!!!!

Land of Departure

Ok so we know these cutscenes don't we?.. let the crazy light orbs begin!!!

Somebody Battle: Orbs of light...
Ball of Light
HP: who cares
Difficulty: EASY
Fun Rating: **


We know what to do, pummel them and watch out for the random beams they emit, but seriously this is easy!!!!

Now we get HP increase as well as Critical Impact Command Style YAH!!!!

Err we also know this cutscene.....

and once again we see Aqua being Master!!!.. errr but we're Terra not Aqua so.. i wish i was back at Part 1.... anyways....

Master Xehanort goes to some masked man and says the Ven can't break it and also says he needs some incentive to come home. Terra then says he needs some time alone.....

Terra then says he can hold the darkness but then Master Xehanort says that Eraqus would never make Terra a Master...Master Xehanort then says to channel the darkness then a bell rings and Master Xehanort disappears into a dark portal.....

Eraqus tells some light to get his apprentice about something... he then says he was talking to Yen Sid.. then Eraqus says that Princesses of Heart that are in danger and also says some enemies called Unversed....then says more boring news.....huhhh....

Eraqus then says to eliminate the Unversed and find Master Xehanort.. and he also tells him that the Lanes Between is opened.. no not the Wiki's the games one..... Eraqus says that he cars for Terra.....then says more things about Terra and power and darkness....

Terra then leaves

and leaves and we saw this scene with Ven.....then ohh flashy.. Terra leaves the Land of Departure.. and so do we Stormies.. onto the next section!!!

Before this section is done.. we also get D-Links for both Aqua and Ven also a Command board.. and now the only compulsory world to go to .. ok now is the end of this section.. BYe Bye Stormies!!!

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