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Welcome Stormies to the place you all hate and love???...



<LA launches Excalibur from a cannonball and gets fling-ed to the other side of the world>

We see Ven seeing the baron sights of the Keyblade Graveyard......

Keyblade Graveyard Logo KHBBS

Prerequisites = Be at least lv 25-34 (Beginner-Proud), have all magic commands Maxed and have at least 2 Curaga's and Magnega, if you don't equip Renewal Block this section WILL BE HARD. You have been warned....

You'll see some treasure chest all over get them all....including Map and Xehanort's Report 12.. then carry onto...

Twister know this place.. either Fight or Flight Stormies...then carry onto...

Fissure.. SAVE then go forward or talk to the Moogle for some gud Commands........

Ok so we know this cutscene before right?.. so i'll skip

and the next epic cutscene.. we've seen this before so we'll skip this as well.. well if you want....

We know this cutscene as well.. remember? except this time we don't fight Braig!!!! instead after Braig flees...well Vanitas shows up and well....


Somebody Battle: Vanitas
Vanitas KHBBS
HP: 700
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: **


Ok so time to beat the crud outta Vanitas!!!!!.. Vanitas will hop onto the Keyblade ride and try to hit you with Blizzard, try to Shotlock him so that you can dismount him from the Keyblade ride.. then attack and as always guard when necessary..He still has his basic attacks from Aqua's Storyline so be careful...another words either a hit and run strategy or a hit-counter-recounter strategy

For a reward you get HP increase...

Now Vanitas is finally No... NO!!!... Vanitas' face its its No way!!!

Vanitas goes agro and sends Unversed?....Vanitas is the ultimate Unversed beings......and he used the Unversed to lure Ven away from Eraqus... no way....

then a bright explosion happens... no way Vanitas and Ven tries to combine no way!!!

we are now in Ven's metaphysical mind and Vanitas has intruded...saying that the X-Blade is only halve complete...Ven then says he'll destroy both the X-Blade and Vanitas....then Ven makes a heartwarming speech....then says "My friends are my power and i'm theirs"....lets put this loser in his place!!!!!

Somebody Battle: Vanitas
Vanitas- Unmasked KHBBS
HP: ???
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: ***


Ok so now Vanitas has advanced battle style which include a big combo as well as ramming you about 3 times if you get caught, use guard and counter startegy and don't use Shotlock yet.. once you depleted his HP.. he'll destroy the arena.. now you got a temporary Command Style in which you have "Dark Spiral" and "Dark Splicer".. i recommend you use Shotlock "Dark Cannon" whenever Vanitas tries to attack....then press B x repeat this process until you got your Command Style gauge all the way up then release "Last Word" to finish him off.....

Vanitas dies by saying "Wow?".....

Vanitas then disappears with then X-Blade along with it......and now Ven's awakening goes lighty brighty!!!.. wait that means wait what's happening to.. wait NO VEN!!!!!....

For a reward you get Xehanort's Report 10

We're in the Lanes Between with Aqua then Mickey shows up and teleports us to who knows where.....

Wow what's going on?... Ven?...

Congrats you finished Ven's Storyline but we still got Terra story to go through...errr.... me no likey this one...errrrr....ok Stormies *weeps at Ven* seeya on Terra Storyline!!!!

Land of Departure | <- Previous Page | Terra's Story ->

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