Hey hey, we'll get straight into it Stormies!!!

So we see Donald and Goofy saying that Mickey is "pretty" far now.....

Then the light shows up and now Ven is in...oooo, spoilers!

Goofy then says it's the Star Shard and Donald and Goofy give Ven a hug....

Mysterious Tower Logo KHBBS

Okay, there are 3 treasure chests, as well as a sticker in this area. Get them, then go through the door... get another huge Treasure chest (Recipe). Go up the stairs.

Yen Sid says that Ven was ordered to return home and that Mickey does the same as well, hehe.

Goofy has some name troubles (VEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??). and reports where Mickey might be.

Yen Sid does some mumbo jumbo and we see Mickey in a baron wasteland. This place seems familiar.....

Wow, Donald and Goofy goes ROYAL!!!! But, Ven finally goes hero one more time. Yep, one more time...not.

Anyways, you get D-Links for Donald and Goofy and...

...we will see some secrets, to be revealed in the next section. Oooo!

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