Hmmm ok Stormies so Al was a good guest right?

<Audience applause>


<LA kicks Excalibur into outer space>

Anyways on speaking of space let's carry on to Deep Space!!!!!

Wow wat the HUGE JELLYFISH!!!!!...boss battle time?????????????????

Unversed Battle:  ???? (NO NO it's not Vanitas....hehe)
HP: ?
Difficulty: Depends
Fun Rating: *****


So err... boss battle.. here?... this is gonna be easy... all u have to do is to attack the crap hell outta him until the bright little flash shows other words an ehhh battle.

For a reward you get Wingblade Command Style huh?

The huge jellyfish then "tries to catch a ride"....

Deep Space Logo KHBBS

Now the logo shows up... errrr....

Now goes into a cutscene shows up with a elephant man and 626?....An alarm sounds and well elephant man goes away... then 626 makes his escape.... uhhh movie cliche huh?.....

Ven finally shows up then elephant man makes another assumption that Ven is the intruder....Ven goes hero again before 626 shows up and says "Terra", "Aqua"....626 then tries to follow, but Ven only wants to be the "only" hero.. ok let's go....

Grab the 2 treasure chests.. kill the Unversed then go down the hallway...for another cutscene...

a very short one...fight and defeat the Unversed.. to open the barricades.. this will be easy, just use the Magnet Aeroga techinque, also since you got Wingblade use that to to slaughter every Unversed....cake wait for it..... walk. Sonic Blaster

Grab the next 2 treasure chest down the hallway then carry on and the same Unversed blockade battle.. kill them all...

Elephant man destroys 626's Wayfinder.. why you little!!!.. anyways carry onto the hallway...

to the Control room.. on the corridor to ur left there is a huge treasure chest(Map).. and a SAVE point.. SAVE then go to the Moogle and get Thundara if you don't already have it...

then go to the next door.. which is the Ship Hub...go down and press the terminal for anti gravity..continue jumping until you reach the next terminal.. press that then get the treasure chest on the other side then backtrack to make it antigravity again...then jump all the way to the top(Note:The treasure chest that you got..the shotlock equip it!!!).. now onto

the launch deck...destroy the blasters on either side of the room then go down.. either destroy the terminal then go up the blocks to reach the top(other side) for a treasure chest(Xehanort's report)...or don't touch the terminal and go through the big hole next to the reverse purple t blocks...

to the Machinery Bay Access.. get the treasure chest then SAVE.. cos the next area is a boss battle.. the real one..

Unversed Battle: Metamorphosis(It's got a name this time)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


So err... this guy again.. ok this time you got 626 helping you.. but this is no ordinary fight....when 626 starts jumping press B t then B x to stop that thing from damaging the ship.. when you do that you have a chance to attack, just watch out for his spinning attack(in which case counter).. when he starts going to the top tier, press the terminal then jump to him to stop him!!!. Also he'll start this speedy charging move.. GO UP TO THE TOP TIER OTHERWISE YOU WILL DIE!!!!. There is a way to block his spinning attack.. before he starts spinning go down on him, you'll miss every attack!! but its really risky!!!! Use Shotlocks when possible and always counter his spinning attack.. it's a lifesaver!!!!... there is also chances of him going invisible.. just find him and attack him!!!

For a reward you get HP increase and deck capacity increase

Sti- hmm hmm 626 goes berserk about his Wayfinder breaking.. then 626 goes spelling on us.. then Elephant man goes crazy.. about 626 then 626 gets on the Elephant man face(iterally!!!) and then 626 and Ven runs for it!!!.....

626 and Ven are both fleeing from the Galactic Police but unfortunately 626 then goes Hyperdrive!!!!!....also Ven gets space shockwaved from 626's Hyperdrive......errr...

for another reward you get D-Link for 626 as well as Hyperdrive Hyperdrive (Ventus) KHBBS

Yay another world done!!! also another Command Board.. errrr..... we then see the next compulsory world... until next time Stormies!!!

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