Ok Stormies.. now i gotta treat for you guys.. here is Ed Elric from Full Metal Alchemist!!

<eerie silence>


Al Elric: Ummm i'm here...


LA: Hi Al.. now production staff where the hel' is Ed!!!!!!!!!

Al: Ummm can we do this walkthrough?

(LA and production staff on the other side of the corner arguing intensely)


Al: OK?... LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hmph seems LA is busy guess i'll start the walkthrough withou-

<interrupted by LA>

LA: Sorry Stormies and you Al, my errr if you guys already know we got Alphonse Elric, Al for short from Full Metal Alchemist.. i just found out that one of the production staff wrote in the WRONG BROTHER.. *LA eyes on one of the production staff, anyways on...





Al & LA: GO!!!

Olympus Coliseum Logo KHBBS

Wow.. wild goat on the loose!!! eh Al?...

Al: errr yeah LA

Ven then goes to the "wild goat" and gives him a scare!!! hehe

Now we got a party going now....Zack, Herc, Phil and Ven... nice party..a hero party with bad wording..until some Unversed crash the party.. let's kill them

This Unversed fight is so fun the fact that Herc and Zack can help...if your about level 18 or higher this is cakewalk...just watch out for these two Axe Flapper and Buckle Bruiser

After taking care of those pipsqueaks (Al:Hehe don't say that to my brother)...Phil decides to give Zack a chance...and some more "hero" talk....and also Ven and Herc will train huh?... ok onto the Vestibule...

Go forward..onto the Coliseum Gates... there are Unversed(kill them if you want), there is a sticker(reachable) and a treasure chest on your right side, also there are 2 treasure chests near both statues...then go through the door...

to the Vestibule.. get the treasure chest and now remeber from Aqua's story that we got Renewal Barrier.. well we are gonna do it again!!.. go to the Moogle and buy Esuna and Barrier.. meld them together to get Renewal Block!!!...

Now Save ..then talk to Herc for Urgghhh.. some training.. Al you can take over now..

Al:Err ok?

Al:Ok so another minigame from what LA told me.. just break as many urns as Herc that it?.. i could do this!!!!

Al:Once you beat Herc you get HP increase!!!...then somehow Phil oversees Ven and Herc hmmm i wonder....

Al:Your back at the Vestibule.. Save then talk to Herc again and say for more training?.. ok LA you take over....

Ok so same minigame!!!... in which case use your Magnet magic and if you see any big urns break them to earn major points!!!...

For a reward you get Deck Capacity increase....

Afterwards Ven and Herc has another "hero" talk.....then Phil shows up and says about the Games rules.... errr....

We then see some montages of Zack and Herc fighting the closing bracket Zack vs. Herc.......but it comes to an abrupt holt when an Unversed attack!!!!..... Ven then goes hero(geez second time.. he's really become this guy)..anyways Save then go out the door and onto the Town of Thebes....

Gaa infestation!!!!!.. but really easy to kill hehe then Herc shows up.... 2 against ohh boy....

Unversed Battle: Multi Jellshades
Shade Jelly
HP: Who cares
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *******


Ok these guys are simply easy.. one hit kills!!!.. use Herc by pressing B s then spin your analog stick for some major massacre.. survive or more likely massacre this pitiful bunch of Jellyshades.. then you win, {Note: You don't need to kill all of them)

For a reward you get Air Slide

After that Zack shows up and kills another Jellyshade.....and we find out that both of them threw the match...Phil then says some mushy stuff... and now picks Herc.......

And now well Zack says his name...

As well as Phil saying his plan?.....

Ven then said that Aqua and Terra and he'll patch things up.. Ohhhh Ven....

For another reward we get D-Link for Zack as well as this keyblade Mark of a Hero Mark of a Hero (Ventus) KHBBS

Ok that wraps up this section, thank you Al for being here.. and this is the first guest to not well you know.... anyways see ya Al!!


Ok so now we go to...... outer space!!! Stay tuned Stormies!!

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