Hmm this place seems good.. Waaa What the FUDGE!!!!!!!!!... Captain Justice?... <runs away>

Disney Town Logo KHBBS

After some weird talk about Captain Justice being a hero (resisting to laugh)..... we hear and voices about some machine.. and obviously Captain Justice sees the problem.. Ven what have you gotten yourself into!!!!

SAVE and go see the problem( Note:rotate around the area to get the cutscene).. well that was misleading i meant talk to the colourful ducks...

Now after some babble about trying to fix the machine and Captain Justice saying about the machine being sabotage..... Captain Justice. well DISNEY FAIL... DISNEY FAIL....

Now time for a minigame.. of beats.. just listen to the beats and tap the B x as well as getting the tapping to the duck with the crosshairs... get enough.. if you get FANTASTIC!! you unlock the MASTER MODE for It's a Small World as well as the next cutscene(Note:you can get Good or higher to get the next cutscene)

Minnie gets her ice cream....then the ducks praise Ven. Captain Justice does another anti-justice thing.. ironic name huh?... Pete..Justice..Caaptain.... Gaa!!!, "Pete" wants the Million Dreams Award and runs off then the ducks and Minnie talk about the Award to Ven.....

Now for the Million Dreams Award. Man, hasn't this festival gone fast? The Millions Dreams Award goes to.....Aqua, Ventus and Terra!! But, doesn't that mean that Aqua and Terra have showed up here? Agro Pete says it's his award (GOD, HE IS ANNOYING IN THAT COSTUME!!!!!!!! Ahem hem, let me rephrase that, BOTH COSTUMES) and he gets really angry and knocks off Queen Minnie's vote. Minnie RAGE!!!!!!!!Hey hey, Pete gets sent to prison!!!

Ven, with Aqua and Terra absent, gets the prize. It's an... ICE CREAM? Ohh well, better than nothing right? Double Crunch KHBBS

In the next cutscene we see Pete (uhh) in the middle of nowhere, ranting about how he shouldn't be here...... and then a familiar voice is heard and Pete is set free (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!).

That's it for this world....for now. We get another command board for our troubles.

Onto the next world!!!... which is a bit more training than minigames.... you know where Stormies....

For full details about Ice Cream Beat, look here

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