Hello Stormies! Hmmmm, Ventus is now chasing after Vanitas, eh? Well, now my little sub story will beg-(TRANSMISSION CUT)

DAMN IT!!! Okay, let's just carry on with the walkthrough. *LA mumbles at the bad production*

Ok, now you'll have control of Ven in the World Map. First, equip Fairy Stars and then go to that big world with the mountains to find.... VANITAS

Ven, when will you learn to always watch your back first before coming to a deserted world? Oh, and Ven? He's right behind you!!!

Ven asks why Terra might be a different person, Vanitas insults him and says the exact same question. Pfft..Ven's no good at haggling. Vanitas then opens his hand and summons his keyblade. Oh boy, battle time!!!

Somebody Battle: ??????, Shinigami VANITAS
Vanitas KHBBS
HP: 550
Difficulty: MEDIUM --->EASY
Fun Rating: ** ---> *******


If you haven't beaten Vanitas before...well, if you've read my Walkthrough properly Stormies, you'll know that Aqua fought this guy 3 times!!! His battle style is the same, but less refined. Try to deplete as much HP off him as possible, but don't bother me. When a white flash occurs........a cutscene, huh? Wow! A huge explosion! Huh? MICKEY!!!!! Oh, I think the odds are in our favour now!!! Two against one? I like our chances!!! Use Fire/Blizzard to attack him and use the openings I told you about in Aqua's walkthrough to deplete his HP. Since Mickey is helping you, this will be no problem. Make sure to Cure when your HP is low. When Mickey says "Let's Team Up!" press B s when near Mickey and continue to press B x to do continual damage to Vanitas. Use Shotlocks when possible, as D-Links are disabled. Dodge roll all his counter attacks, if you can. One last thing; when near Mickey press B s to block Vanitas's attacks and then counter his attack by pressing "Avenger Rush". Continue this strategy until his HP is 0!!!!!!

For a reward, you get an HP increase as well as a Deck capacity increase. Hooray!!!!!

Oh, Vanitas fell....never mind. Vanitas teleports outta here, saying that Ven's on...probation? Ven and Mickey have a chat and Mickey talks about Yen Sid and gives a reference to the Sorcerers Apprentice. He then talks about some Star Shard and then there's another white light.. Oh come on!

Lanes Between?...Radiant...oops, spoilers! After that cutscene, you get a D-Link to Mickey, as well as High Jump! I'd advise you equip it later.

Now, go onto your next and compulsory world...seeya Stormies!!!! *LA still mumbles about the bad production*

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