Now it's Ventus time!!!! Once you choose Ventus, skip the tutorials. If you pick tutorials again, come back here once you're finished.

Land of Departure

Now, this is the same deal as Aqua's Story. Master Eraqus shows up, in comes the test and once again the Orbs of Light go mental!!!!

Orbs Battle: Orbs of Light
Ball of Light
HP: ?
Difficulty: Impossible to Lose
Fun Rating: *


Same as before.... but that was a long time ago, so let's refresh. Ok, so it's your first official fight, but don't worry - it's an easy one! Just dodge the orbs and attack. When the orbs spasm, dodge quickly because they're about to unleash random beams of light and you might take damage. Still, this battle's easy enough- just hack, slash and dodge. Simple!

As a reward we get the Command Style Fever Pitch and an increase in HP.

Now, watch the same cutscene as before.

In this NEW scene, we see Ventus sparring with the wind. Ringing? He gets up and then we hear a voice- it's Vanitas saying Terra's a different person?

Another cutscene plays, with Ventus and Terra having a good time.

Ventus runs after Terra, reminds you of another cutscene, no? Before we get to the World Map, we get D-Links for Aqua and Terra and Xehanort's Letter. Onto the World Map, eh Stormies?

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