Hey Stormies, I've just got a little checklist before we carry on

  • Planking on the floor
  • Watch an episode of Soul Eater
  • Homework
  • Finish "The Mysteriously Magnificent Mysterious Tower" section of the walkthrough.

Ohh right. *awkward silence* Let's carry on then.

Mysterious Tower Logo KHBBS

Alrighty now, onto this weird and mysterious tower. Hmmm, isn't this a bit of a whatcha call it- deja vu? You know, like from KH2.

Mysterious Tower Logo KHBBS

Alrighty now, onto this weird and mysterious tower. What the? Didn't I heck!!! Ok Stormies, here we go!!!

Before we go to the big door in front of you, treasure!!! There is one to the left of you (with more Unversed, as always), on at the top of the hill and finally, on the right of the big door there is one more treasure chest. When you've gotten them all, go through the big door.

In the tower, grab the big treasure chest (Mega Magic Recipe) and go up the stairs for a cutscene. Donald!! Goofy!! What? Eraqus died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Master Xehanort and Terra's to blame...RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Aqua asks to find Terra and Master Yenny tells her to go to an ancient "Keyblade Graveyard". And if it doesn't already sound scary enough, there was once also a war there!!!!!

Aqua leaves and recieves D-links for Donald and Goofy and another Xehanort Report 4. Hooray! But Stormies, now it's serious!!! Meet me in the Keyblade Graveyard for the battle of your lives, Stormies...

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