Ok, so Aqua's Storyline time! Since I care not for tutorials and I have already given you one (see:Controls), you should finish the in-game tutorials and then come back here to continue on with the fun stuff. Now, you'll get to choose what character you'll want to play as. Because Aqua is the best, we'll be playing as her first!

Orbs of Light

In the opening scene we see Aqua and Terra attending their Mark of Mastery exam, while Ventus looks on. Master Eraqus talks about who will be master and explains that Master Xehanort is there to help examine the tests as well. After Master Eraqus finishes his ramblings he unleashes orbs of light for the first part of the test. Wait, now the orbs have gone mental!!

Orbs? Battle: Orbs of Light (Man, you don't read do you?)
HP: ? (It's not a lot)
Difficulty: Impossible to Lose
Fun Rating: *


Ok, so it's your first official fight, but don't worry- it's an easy one! Just dodge the orbs and attack. When the orbs spasm, dodge quickly because they're about to unleash random beams of light and you might take damage. Still, this battle's easy enoungh- just hack, slash and dodge. Simple!

As a reward you get your first Command Style called Spellweaver! After that mishap *cough* Master Eraqus says that now Aqua needs to face Terra. A batlte ensues and in the end, Aqua is the new Master (yah!!). The next day we hear of creatures called Unversed that are wreak havoc all over the place. We also find out that Master Xehanort's gone missing (:S whatever)! Soon after, we see Terra jacking out of Land of Departure and then Ventus runs off as well. Well, now it's up to Aqua to get them back. Aqua jacking out!!!....Of Land of Departure and into the World Map... and also onto the next section of this walkthrough!!!

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