Final Episode Save

Prerequisites = Magic Hour, 2 Seeker Mines, Triple Firaga, Blizzaga, Renewal Barrier and either Bio Barrage, Photon Charge or Lightbloom. Be at least Lvl. 37 ~ 50 (Beginner ~ Proud)

Alright Stormies, this is the final final final final confrontation. However, you need a few pieces of paper first. Once you get all of them, come back here to see some cutscenes (I won't spoil them for ya)...

After the 4th cutscene, we get a new keyblade, called Brightcrest!!! Brightcrest KHBBS

If you haven't noticed, your default and only character is Aqua. She's the only playable character in the Final Episode, so get over it.

Now, the Land of Departure's gone!!!!!

We now see Radiant Garden in a pit of Darkness. Let's go.......

We are now back at the Radiant Garden Central Square and we see Terra!! Wait, no, his heart has been extinguished and destroyed by the darkness within him. Oh no, it's the birth of Xehanort, no, Terra-Xehanort!!! Let's fight to get Terra's heart back!!!!!!!

Somebody Battle: Terra-Xehanort
Terra-Xehanort KHBBS
HP: 1000
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: *****


*Hums the battle music, then gets slapped in the face by Stormfall* Ahhh anyway, Terra-Xehanort is like no other person you've faced before, (unless you've played as Terra) just whack him with your magics and use Magic Hour as much as you can. You cannot block his extended combo, instead get dealt and then whack him with more magic. If he starts doing Dark Volley just guard and the projectiles will bounce straight back to him and will heal you instead! He can also "rush" at you and the best thing to do in this scenario is to dodge it, as guarding won't work as well and he's invincible while he's rushing you. The last thing he does is Ultima Cannon. You can Shotlock him as it will make you invincible. The last and most annoying thing about Terra-Xehanort is that he can heal about twice if you leave him alone. So be quick and have a good strategy or you'll be dead like a dead mull on wheels. When he's defeated, wait, whats....

I will guide you to the depths of darkness, argggghhraaaa!!!!! Round 2, here we go!!!!

Somebody and Heartless? Battle: Terra-Xehanort with Guardian
Terra-Xehanort, Xehanort's Guardian KHBBS
HP: 1500
Difficulty: Medium ~ Hard
Fun Rating: *******


Ok, quite frankly, this battle is a lot easier than the previous one, even with the added Guardian. Just spam Triple Firaga/Blizzaga and use Magic Hour as much as possible. When the Guardian starts throwing blue shockwaves, dodge, there’s a 1000 to 0 chance that you’ll be able to guard it. Guardian can also throw darkballs at you, which you should guard and then refresh you HP after. He still has his extended combo, but now Guardian will sink into the ground and come shooting up with an attack, which you can easily dodge (similar to Ansem in KH1). He has a tendency to shift during the battle, so just wait for the opportune moment to attack. There is also another attack in which Guardian will grab you, (let him do that) Terra-Xehanort will do his combo and then you will be transported. In this stage, get to Terra and do one ACCURATE B x to take about 1 bar of health off him. There is one good thing about Terra-Xehanort in this battle, HE DOES NOT HEAL!!!!!! So whack him hard and get him to transport you to Terra. Rinse and repeat.

For a reward you get to see the final scenes of Birth By Sleep, Stormies….except if you’re playing Proud or Critical mode, in which you’ll see Blank Points as well. Enjoy!!!!!!

However, now that we've gotten past Aqua, Terra and Ven's Storyline, we still need to do some sidequesting. Well, you do?..................................... if you want a 100% clock!!!!!!!

Land of Departure | Sidequestin' Numero Uno ->

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