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Welcome to Legend Aqua's (that's me) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep walkthrough! This is my first (of many) walkthroughs and many more will be written after this one is completed! You should also know, my readers, that you will hence forth be known as Storms or Stormies, for easy identification.

Birth By Sleep (or BBS) is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games out there. It is a good game no matter how you play it, unlike other games. Anywho, onto the controls!!!!


This is easy enough, Stormies! B x is to attack and B c is to jump. Pressing B s and a directional button allows you to dodge(the dodging moves are different for each character), while pressing B s on its own will allow you to defend. Tapping B r1 and B l1 makes you lock on to enemies and holding down both B r1 and B l1 will allow you to Shotlock. B t will allow you to execute what it says on the panel, you idiot says on the command panel (eg. if Aero is selected, then you will cast Aero). B x will allow you to interact with people, open treasure chests and more and lastly, B start will allow you to open up the main menu, which is crucial you lumphead. Now, let's get to the good stuff...

The Good Stuff

Along your travels you will encounter people within the storyline (Terra, Aqua and Ventus are the defaults) that will give you access to their Dimension Link or D-Link, which will help in some parts in the game. On the left bottom side of the screen (above the command panel) you can see a bar that is currently empty. It is filled up by every attack you make, and when full you are able to either execute a powerful Finish command or activate an even more powerful Command Style. Ok, so what are you Storms just listening to me for? Let's go!!!

Boss Template

'Fun Rating: '''''


This is the template that will be used for Boss fights. The fun rating is a new feature which shows how fun the battle is. The more * there are, the more fun the battle is. The maximum amount of *'s is 10.


First, for all you rookie Storms out there, ahem hem...THE OPENING VIDEO OF KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!

Table of Contents

Aqua's Story

Ventus' Story

Terra's Story

Last Episode

Ultimate Commands & Abilities


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