And so, my little Dusks, here start this walktrough with... Oh, crap, a tutorial. Why, Square...? WHY?! Oh, wait, its short! Not like KHII tutorial which comsumed like an hour of gameplay... man, that was long. Anyhow, to you, my little Dusk. Let the fun start!!

... On a second thought... If you need a walktrough for the tutorial, then... There's not future for you people.

A Voice Amidst the Waves Edit

The game star with a CGI cutscene... Wait, it looks familiar... HEY, IT'S THE OPENING!! Well, duskie, if you watched the opening already... then sorry, see it again. Or you could just skip this by pressing Start and Skip Cutscene. Lovely, isnt it? Anyhow, after it, the game really start.

We see islands... familiar? Ohh, a romantic sunset... and a random guy standing there. Or perhaps not so random...

"This world... is just too small."

The guy want to travel trough words, it seems (How unusual...). Wait, white hair... I've seen that white hair before... But before we can get a clear shot of his face, the scenario change. Now, at the middle of the night, a cloaked figure holds a white... thingy. It seems to be an old man with a silver goatee.

"There, you see? An empty world, like a prison. I'd imagined you'll feel right at home."
—Cloaked Figure

He leave that white package over a tree. Who is he talking to any- Oh... that package, is a boy (A blonde, blue eyed one, nonetheless... Why everyone in KH have blue eyes?)

The scenary changes to this boy, floating half-naked into a bloken white pillar standing in the middle of... a dark abyss, it seems. An inaudible voice start speaking. Seems this pillar is that boy heart, and it's broken. The voice offer to repair it, and link his heart with our blondie.

Back into the Islands, the hooded man prepare to depart, when our boy pull out a neat magic trick and summon a Keyblade. The old man is surprised, as the boy stares at the sky, while a beam of light emerge form the tip of his weapon.