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Special Panels

Chip KHDale KH

  • Chip and Dale- Awards 300 additional GP for each panel owned
    • Where?
      • One space to the left of the blue checkpoint
      • 2 spaces up from the Prize Cube
      • 2 spaces to the right of a Prize Cube
      • 4 spaces to the right then one space down from the Start panel



From the left you can take 2 other routes from there...

  • Up - It will get you to the yellow checkpoint as well as the Special panel on the middle of the top of the board. Then going down you can take 3 routes going back, however there is a green checkpoint on the right side. From there you can either go back to the Start Panel or go down. From the down route you can get to the Red checkpoint panel as well as the blue checkpoint, from there you can grab the Prize Cube and make your way to the Start Panel.
  • Down - You can grab the Prize Cube down and make your way to the 2 checkpoints, from there you can go back to the Start Panel or go up. From going up you can get to the other 2 checkpoints from up top. You can take one of the Prize Cube routes to go back to the Start panel from there.


From there right you can take 2 other routes from there....

  • Up - You can get to the 2 checkpoints up top then go back through one of the Prize Cube routes, from there you can take the Start panel route or the Prize Cube route, in which the Prize Cube route ill give you some GP gain from this then make your way to the last 2 checkpoints then to the Start panel again.
  • Down- You can go through the 2 checkpoints then go through the Prize Cube area, from there you can go up or back to the Start panel route, from the Up route you can get the last two checkpoints (maybe you can go through the Green checkpoint Prize Cube area but that depends whether it's on the checkpoint's end), then go back to the Start panel.


  • Make use of the Prize Cubes (As there are alot here)
  • Use Stun, Double/Triple Dices to progress faster and gain more GP quicker.

歪んだ覚醒の中で 赤き夜が目を醒ませば
黒き闇永遠の眠り 月影に怯えてる

炎が包み込んでく 世界を焼き尽くしても
祈りだけは絶やさずに 友と交わした明日のため

溢れる涙 連声に響け 忘卻の剣へと
刹那さに溺れてゆく魂 浮遊して往く光
空を切り裂いて 此の世界 希望を抱いて逝こう

独りで彷徨った夜に すれ違う輪廻の鼓動
綴られるその紋章 CROSSOVERしてる

涸れて往くその涙が 罪と罰と贖いの
色に染められていても 友と交わした明日のため

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