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Command Board KHBBS

Ok so onto the Gameplay of the Command Board...

Firstly lets see our hand....

Command Cards are cards on our hand, we have a MAX of 5 and when passing by a checkpoint panel, we get a refill of 1. Here's a list of cards and the combination effects...


Card Description
Attack Card
A card representing an attack command. Marked with a Keyblade.
Magic Card
Magic Card
A card that represents a magic command. Marked with a Mage Hat.
Misc Card
Miscellaneous Card
A card representing action commands and Shotlock commands. Marked with a Crown.
Joker Card
A random card marked with a question mark.


Effects Description Requirements
Stun Causes an opponent to lose their next turn.
Navigator Allows player to move in any direction on their turn
Double Toll Doubles the value of player's panels for 5 turns.
Two Dice Allows the user to roll two dice for this turn.
Magic Card
Three Dice Allows the user to roll three dice for this turn.
Magic Card+Magic Card
GP Protector Prevents the player from losing GP.
Misc Card
Confuse Causes all opponents to move without control. This does not work, however, with A.I. opponents.
Misc Card+Misc Card
Jokers Fortune Activates a slot reel that can be stopped to activate various effects, including a "Panel Capture", where you can claim a random panel in the board.
Golden Fortune Activates a slot reel that can be stopped to activate various effects, including a "Zone Capture", where you can claim an entire colored zone in the board.
GP Magnet Receive GP based on the number of panels owned by opponents, the more panels they own the more GP is gained.
AttackCard+Magic Card+Misc Card

PS:If you want to play an effect card combination you must do it before you want to move.


Ok now the bulk of the Boards themselves....the Panels...there are 6 types of panels, Start, Check, Command, Bonus, Damage/Prize Cubes and Special Panels.


  • Well obviously it's the start panel where you start the game, it is also the tallied checkpoint panel giving you more GP every time you go around the board, finally this panel is also the finish panel once you reach your GP quota....



<LA kicks Kyubey away>


  • Check or to me Checkpoint Panels, these panels give you extra GP as you go past them, as well as upgrading your current Command Cards that you have bought. Remember to go through all 4 before making your way to the Start/Finish Panel.


  • The normal panels of the Command Board, they have some basic commands that you can buy, however some boards holds Shotlocks or Command Board exclusive only commands....make sure you get them.


  • If you land on one of these (the panel with the gold star on it), you automatically get a new Deck Command without paying.

Damage/Prize Cube

Command Board Blocks (Art) KHBBS

  • The Damage portion of the boards are the ones that are deeper than the others, if you land on one of them you lose GP, the Prize Cube, if you use the Prize Cube and get to the other side you get bonus GP.

GP UP Panel

  • Is a black panel with a red up arrow that increases the rate of GP you receive when opponents land on your panels, when you land on the checkpoint and starting panels and if you successfully use the Prize Cube on the damage panels.

Summon Panels

Now if you ever land on a panel with gold and purple decorations....a character from which board you are playing will give you a cool boost..or an annoying's the list of what they do and in which boards they show up...

  • Terra, Ventus, or Aqua: "Keyblade Glider": Allows the player to move to any spot on the game board. Can be used on the Keyblade Board and the Secret Board.
  • Experiment 221: "Gigawatt Jolt": Allows the player to steal GP from nearby characters when either the player or the opponent ends their turn at least three panels from each other. Can be used on the Spaceship Board.
  • Fairy Godmother: "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo": Gives the player the value of a single dice roll times 200 GP. Can be used on the Royal Board.
  • Rabbit: "Hunny Hunt": Awards player 500 GP and places pots of Hunny over the game board that can either give you GP or, if they have Honey Bees, take away GP. Can be used on the Honeypot Board.
  • Chip and Dale: "Fantasia": Rewards 300 GP plus an additional 300 GP for every space owned. Can be used on the Toon Board.
  • Tinker Bell: "Pixie Dust" Allows you to move an opponent to any panel you want. Can be used on the Skull Board.
  • Captain Justice: "Captain Justice": He will follow a player, either rewarding GP every turn or purchasing a square cheaper than its normal cost, placing a card on it for free. He will follow a different player if they come in contact with him first. This effect eventually wears off. Can be found on any board and in Western releases unlocks Pete as a D-Link.
  • Captain Dark: "Captain Dark": He will follow a player, either stealing GP from them every turn or purchasing a square and paying more than its normal cost. He will follow a different player if they come in contact with the first. This effect eventually wears off. Can be found on any board and in Western releases unlocks Pete as a D-Link.


  • Always use either Stun or Double/Triple Dice to get ahead of your opponents...that way you'll get more GP quicker while slowing down your opponents.
  • In Mirage Arena Command Boards..if your wanting to finish up the Command Board section to play with one opponent.
  • Conserve your GP count, you don't know when your gonna need it.
  • Whenever you get the chance to upgrade one of your tiles, in conjunction with the above tip, pick the upgrade around LV 2 ~ 3, not LV 5, as your GP count will be in near bankruptcy (unless you do have the GP for it).
  • The Summon Panel could be good or bad during one situation due to either Captain Justice or Captain Dark, If Captain Dark shows up, YOU MUST CATCH UP TO ONE OF YOUR OPPONENTS SO THAT YOUR GP COUNT DOESN'T DROP, however if you get Captain Justice YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM YOUR OPPONENTS (Go through the Prize Cube area if you must).
  • Have fun!!!

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