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In this Dive you find a boss.

Brawlamari (Sora&#039;s Side) KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Brawlamari... is just a pushover. All his attaks can be dodged by moving or doing an areal break. After he attacks for a while he will reveal his soft spot, which has very little HP, and can be defeated by attacking it around 4 or 5 times, since he has little HP and Defense,

Space Para(MIG!!!)AhAh...I mean The Grid!

The Grid is a complicated world. Everything looks the same and the Heartless have WAY OVERBLOWN defense, but at least they hold a lot of EXP. Follow the carrier thing around the path. Go northeast and use Flowmotion on the rails. On the next area, move foreward a bit and a guard will try to identify you. But, Super Sora runs away! Just don't try to fight the guards. They're bad news, with harsh attacks that really hurt. Run to the exit to find Quorra, who looks hotter in the movie, but still the team did a good job on handling the characters to 3D. After that, you obtain Conter Rush. Equip it imediatley. Save and head towards the carrier. In the next area, just board the solar sailor. The next 2 areas have nothing, so just head foreward. The third one has a Save Point and a shop, but nothing else. In the next room, Tron decks you and there's a pretty heartwarming momment. After that a confusing moment. After that, a boss.

Rinzler (Tron)
Rinzler KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Hard



Ok, let's try him.

Ooooooooo... This is really hard. Rinzler never takes harm. Oh, he takes damage allright, even if it's just 1 HP, but he doesn't back up when he takes a blow. There are some exeptions, like with Balloon, but still, All attacks have to be replaced by Counter Rush. Now that we're over that, Rinzler opens up only to Balloon, Spark Dive and Blizzard. Fire and other commands hurt him too. Keep memorized where you put your Cure, because you'll need it. His attacks are pretty easy to be dodged, but the problem is he doesn't stop. There will only be few oportunities to Cure, so take them like gold. There is a big oportunity in select fights, where he's open to Reality Shifts. If you get them, USE THEM. Rinzler will be glitched and won't attack you. A good oportuniy to Cure and unlease Balloon, Spark Dive and all that good stuff. Take all oportunities and you'll be fine... On the 10th try.

After that, Tron (Who got his memory back) falls to his doom, and after that boss, I wonder if I'm happy or sad.

Oh of course I'm sad. I'm not that mean.

Well, we did learn a lesson today. If Jeff Bridges asks if he can take your memory, you throw your frisby at him.

Dual Disk KH3DDual Disk

And we get a new Keyblade. Equip it, since it boosts your Strength. But, if you're a Magic guy, this isn't the best for you.


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