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"Walkthrough Making is not as easy as it seems"

La Cité Des ClochesEdit

You arrive and have an encounter with Judge Frollo. Hahaha, he thinks your a gypsy. But monsters have invaded the square! Super Sora to the rescue! First thing: Buy Cure and replace your Potions with it. Now you have unlimited healing. Save and head to the square. Help Quasimodo by extinguishing the Dream Eaters and head into the cathedreal. Now go up some stairs to your left. Go around the tower you exited to find a door. Exit that room and just jump off the edge of the cathedral like a maniac. Somehow you don't bash in the ground and crack your skull open... meh, Disney logic, and besides, it's more fun that way :)

Go towards the exit and the captain will stop you. It seems Frollo banished him. You'll soon find Quasi, with a map to the Court of Miracles. Head down the streets to find a surprise.

Big Flower X3
Wheeflower (Nightmare)Wheeflower (Nightmare)Woeflower (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


The first one is right in front of you. Ignore the small fry and get to the big one. All their attacks can be dodged easily, exept one, which gives you Poison, but can be healed with Cure. After you defeated the first one, a Flowmotion activator is unlocked. Use that to find the second one. After that, go directly left under a tunnel to find the last one. It has a different color scheme, but nothing too diferent.

Now walk foreward towards the door. In the 3 next areas just move foreward, tough in the 3rd one there is a Save Point which you can save or not. In the 4th, keep going and in a split road go left to find a room plagued with gas. Use Flowmotion or Dive to break the gas maker. In the underneath, you may see a link symbol in your map which is behind a wall. BREAK IT THEN MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Inside there will be a chest containing Sleepra. Go more further into the room to find yet another breakable wall. Break it and head on. The next area is just to keep going, and what follows is another gas infected room. Same thing as before, break the gas maker, find a breakable wall in the previous plague and prosigue. After that, you'll find the Court of Miracles. A few steps further should do to find Esmeralda. But before that in one of the plataforms you'll find a chest with Thunder Dash. It seems Frollo has followed us, with his newfound army of Dream Eaters. After that you'll head back to the square and see Esmeralda burning. Try to save her and Frollo will throw a giant at you.

Wargoyle - Sora's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medeum


I'm being just a little too nice on the difficulty, but I'll let it pass. I focused my battle in speed since I finished him when my Drop was at 0,5. But, I'll go with that.

His attacks, like Hockomonkey before him, HURT, but he makes up for it with pittifull HP, at least for my level. His attacks are hard to dodge since he focuses on long range attacks such as Fire and his hands strech out. So you will have to Cure several times in this fight. Don't be affraid to strike him with Balloon, Fire, Blizzard, Your Spirits and anything else you empower. I don't really have much to say about him. Just do what you do and you'll do fine, but do have the Cure command on standby because of his attacks.

After that, Frollo falls into the pitts of hell, Esmeralda and Phobeus fall in love there's a cutscene with Young Xehanort and Vanitas, a new Keyblade, all that good stuff. Equip the Keyblade, since it gives you Magic and doesn't take away your Strength.

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