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Traverse Town

Arrive to Traverse Town and notice your clothes have changed. Meet up with Neku, rambling as always. This area holds a treasure in the back alley where you woke up in KHI, a Potion. It also holds your first Save Point. Keep on moving until you find the door to the 2nd district. Go to the center of the area and fight all the Dream Eaters. Head on to the alley you're facing and head to the 3rd district. Wait, Neku has a bargain? Org. 13? What the... #%@$$$#¨¨*¨(¨&(&&&&_(*&()*&)(*¨*%$¨%#¨%$&¨%&¨$&$&¨$%¨&%&*¨¨(¨*(¨(&*&¨(&¨&*%*%&¨%&¨%&%*%*&%*&*&¨(&)*_

Well, that was unfortunate. After learning about Drop, hit the light box 3 times and head to the 1st district. The mailbox will move, now fall down the hole it leaves open. This area is enormous. An important treasure, containing Spark, is in one of the edges of the big red thing which all the rails go through. The way out is by using Flowmotion on the green rail. If it leads to a dead end, go the other way around and find the exit. Now keep going through the road until you find a fountain. On top of it there's a chest containing Strike Raid. Now go to the door behind the fountain. In this area, use Flowmotion on the lights towards that big building. On the top there's a chest containing Balloon, and then go forward to the colliseum to find Rhyme. Save and go to the door next to the colliseum. There you'll find Neku... and a boss.

Hockomonkey (Brute)
Hockomonkey - Sora's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


When the battle starts, charge directly into him. Use everything you got; Don't be afraid to use your commands. Remember that I said not to use your Potions? Here's where it matters: His physical attacks HURT. At least he makes up for it for his low HP. His attacks are also easy to dodge, with Flowmotion, Dodge Rolls, and some even by walking. Just one attack is hard to dodge, and sadly, it's a big one. He'll turn into a hammer and lock you in his body and just beat the hell outa you. Be sure to watch out and dodge that. Another thing that helps is linking with your Spirits. Towards the end of the battle he'll break the glass cieling making you fall inside, and that actually helps, since you can give more Flowmotion attacks.

After that, Hockomonkey will fade. You'll se Riku in another world and you'll get...

Skull Noise KH3DSkull Noise

Equip it right away, since it boosts both Strength and Magic.


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