Hello again, Toons. Let's get on with this party, as RTD, your friendly neighbor, guides you through the endless abyss.

A Quick Note,

I will NOT be guiding you in Dives, unless there is a boss in one of them. The same aplies to Flick Rush, but it will be 100% ignored. People change their minds.


It seems Sora and Riku are back at the Islands. Why they are there are told by flashbacks that you can and cannot see, depending on how you want. That's very clever. They set off into sea, and meet an old friend... WHAT THE FRIGE ARE YOU DOING HERE???!!!

Ursula- Giant Form KH
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


This boss only serves as a tutorial, but if ANYONE has problems with it... geez, man, did you read the 3DS safety manual? Ursula somehow got into the sleeping world. You could bash her (or should I say It's?) brains out with simple attacks, but I feel like going a bit faster. So, Don't be afraid to attack her with all you got(Because of this game's mechanics), BUT be carefull not to use your valuable potions, you'll need 'em later. All of her attacks can be avoided with Dodge Rolls or by just walking away, and if they hit you they do pitifull damage. In one of her attacks she grabs Sora, and you can controll Riku, but you can give her one attack and she will free him! Just attack for a while and it'll meet it's doom.

Ursula has faded away for some reason and we flood. We unlock a Keyhole and move to the next world.


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