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And so we get to the climax of Sora's side... I'M TOO EXITED!!!


You again...

Queen Buzzerfly
Queen Buzzerfly - Sora's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Oh, great, look who's back. Queen Dog Poo, queen of the S*it. First, as always, destroy her minions. Then destroy her head. Now here's something new: Once you destroy her head, she will turn backwards to reveal her true power source. Attack it of course! Do this one more time and she'll die. This time forever!

And, if you got an A on all other Drops and on this one, you get...

Divewing KH3DDivewing

Equip it at once, since it boosts your Magic and doesn't take away your Strength.

The World Ends With You That Never Was

We arrive somewhere fammiliar. Xigbar will appear and explain everything. The Mark of Mastery was hijacked before it started. All of a sudden, the 13 darknesses will appear and taunt you. Then it's complicated memory time! After that you'll Drop. Drop again to commence the madness.

Head forth down the street. Whenever a wall with white stripes appears, use Reality Shift to break it into pieces. As for treasures, there is one on the main curve you take, a Dream Eater recipe. Head through to the next area. Sora says that he and Roxas are not the same person (I agree, Roxas is extremely more furious) and Roxas dumps all his memories into Sora at once. OVERKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next area has nothing, so just jump it. The last area in Sora's Story has a Save Point and a Shop. Head forth to see mirages and head back to the island- FLASHBACK! Trollface Ansem! The next conversation just makes the Kingdom Hearts saga an even more confusing s*it than it already was. Once it ends, you'll actually be happy to see a boss.

Final Boss (Sora):Xemnas
Xemnas KHD
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


This is one of those battles which I call ''Run For It Like Your Ass Was On Fire''. Why? Cause it is CRAZY! First, your attacks: EVERYTHING! Any command you have, USE IT! Whatever are your Spirits, USE THEM! Beat the hell out of this guy like crazy. Now his attacks: IT DOESN'T MATTER! Whenever he attempts to get near you, Dodge Roll away and hit a Command. Slam everything like crazy at this guy. One attack important to remember is when he goes all the way back to an unreachable area and starts throwing buildings at you. Run to the nearest place near him and await. Then he'll throw you up in the air. He'll throw another building at you. Reality Shift it. If it works, It'll damage him, if it doesn't, at least you don't get hurt. Just slam everything at him and he'll go away.

After that, Sora will be hurt with the Darkness. It seems he is the 13th vessel. Young Xehanort appears and... KSFLKJOLAKLKEI30IR)i)#)$()#)(_iee)k)oojd)oej)j)ijed)ejDWJDOJD_IKD_D)I#)(ID(QWj)(DJE)(DJ)_(J)(J)(J@()J)CDE?C:E>C:S">D|L}:}{C_+L_)@CU

But there is still hope. Ventus' heart still rests inside Sora. But still, Sora is asleep.

Now, go read Riku's Story.


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