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Now you and PKH have to face the most dangerous part: Turning off your 3DS and returning to California freeways. I'm just kidding, play for the rest of the night.

Country of the Musketeers

After we arrive, we see that this is another world from the past. Mickey needs our help. Fight the Dream Eaters and join Mickey in his act. After the cutscenes, talk to Mickey to protect the princess. After that, BOOOOOSSSSS!!!

Tyranto Rex
Tyranto Rex (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


This boss shouldn't even deserve to be a boss. It's an enemy, and we all know that. When he attacks, any attack can be blocked, and his fireball can be reflected. Punish him with Ballonra, Fira, Blizzara, and when he gets near anything with Dive in it.

Well, seems like the Beagle Boys have captured the princess. The next area has... Nothing! The one after that... Nothing! The one after that... What I should categorize as bosses but I'm just too lazy to put in the template. You can just treat them like enemies and you'll be fine. Back to the training post, we learn that Pete's a traitor (You don't say!). He's taken Mickey to Mont Saint-Michel. Go after him! The next area has... Nothing! The one after that... Nothing! (Dejá-vu) The Third one... HAS SOMETHING! HALELUIA! It has a Sonic Blade in a platform in the 2nd room. Fight all the Dream Eaters towards the end to win a Slide Roll and you'll find a Dream Eater recipe under the last stairs you find. Next you'll find Mickey, who says that Pete's goin' for the opéra. Head there and then into the building. The next area has (Say it with me now)... NOTHIIIIIIIIIIING!!! After that comes the boss!

Peg-Leg Pete and the Beagle Boys
Pete- Musketeer Outfit KH3DBeagle Boys KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


The battle will start with a battle between the Beagle Boys. Plain as ever, but once one of them is defeated, use Reality Shift to cannon them to Pete.

Once they're all defeated, Pete will arrive. Though his attacks do hurt it's nothing that a Block can't deal with. As always: Fira, Blizzara, Ballonra, anything that says Dive and your Spirits. One attack in particular that is a bit complicated is when Pete hops backstage and flies down with a sun and a moon set pieces. All you can do is keep Cura on front of your commands, but don't use it, and Dodge Roll blindly around the stage. After that you use Cura, and by doing so it's very hard that it'll hit you, but be VERY carefull not to set Flowmotion on. After he's K.O., Reality Shift him to his doom.

After that you are dubbed ''Royal Musketeer'' and you get a new Keyblade:

All For One KH3DAll For One

I won't recomend this one since it takes away your Strength, but this is the best for whoever likes Magic.


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