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Hello, Toons, PKH has returned from the 20's. Here's some music about how it looked like.

California Girls

Prankster's Paradise

As you arrive, you learn that Jiminy Cricket is looking for Pinoke, who has been ploting with the idiot in the black coat. I've always known that Pinochio was evil. This is a big area, but there's only one important treasure, at the top of the tallest tower, containing Blizzara. Speaking of which, you can now upgrade your spels. If you got an A at the Dive, you already have Balloonra. Head to the rollercoaster entrance. Suprise! Just a bunch of Dream Eaters. Kill them off. Same thing with the next Pinoke, at the top of one of the towers, acessible with the rollercoaster tracks. But now it seems it's the real one! Follow him to the next area and go through the crazy-ass corridor, but there are some clever design details. At the middle of it, there will be a demonic... caurossel? I don't know what it is. In that room in one of the platforms there's an Areal Slam. In the end there is a Save Point and even a poker table for you, how nice. In the next room, kill all the Dream Eaters using trampolines. When you jump on the trampoline, the enemies get hurt. After that, you get High Jump and a scene with Xemnas and Young Xehanort. Go back through the corridor, only to find that our friends are now whale hunters. Go after them through the 4 next areas, which are just filler. After that, you see Pinoke and Jiminy get eaten by Monstro the Whale, and they would be fine- until a boss comes in and freezes the whale! Beat his ass!

Chill Clawbster
Chill Clawbster (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


This guy is big. By big in KH3D I mean Honey, I Shrunk the Kids times Attack on Titan. His attaks are hell of easy to dodge. You just use Dodge Roll and you're out of harm's way. Use your favorites: Balloonga, Spark Dive and even Blizzara. Suprisingly, Fire doesn't work here. Your Spirits don't eighter. This guy's so big your Spirits are preety much useless. The real fun starts towards the end, where a crack exposes the frozen Monstro. Break it and use Reality Shift. You'll be riding the giant whale towards the moonrise (What a nice phrase!) and when you get near Chill, press A Button- Nintendo DS.


Battle's over.

After that, Monstro eats him. How fitting, though the whale might have intestine problems after that one ;)

You also get a new Keyblade, Which I don't recomend since it takes your Strenght, and for Magic guys the Guardian Bell's better.

Ferris Gear KH3DFerris Gear

But there's more. There's touble in Traverse.

Traverse Town (2nd Visit)

You'll need Riku's side done up until now to unlock this, So you can't finish Sora's story right away in this game :P

Now that we have both stories finished, we arrive where we left, the 5th District. Joshua says he and the others need help to kill off a giant Dream Eater. Go after him at the Foutain Plaza. Make your way down there and wipe out all the Dream Eaters. It seems the Dream Eater is gonna be at the 3rd District, so skiddadle! As you arrive... you know what's comming... not one boss... But THREE!

Hockomonkey - Sora's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


These are just like the bosses near the end of FF1. They haven't changed at all rather than a small HP boost. Hockomonkey is the same boss we fighted 3 parts ago. Fira, Blizzara, Thunder Dash, Strike Raid, Ballonra, and your Spirits are all you need. And Cura since his attacks still hurt.

Wargoyle - Sora's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medeum


The only reason why this boss is Medeum is because he's in a space that's to small for him. Because of that, you'll need to be overleveled to fight him. And since the limited space is here, cuddle your Meow Wow to death until he gives you Leaf Breacer. That's an order.

But, if you get past that, this battle's taken. Copy Hockomonkey's strategy to here and add the musts.

Char Clawbster
Char Clawbster (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


The last boss to be summoned is the easiest and the one that makes least sense. Sora never fought him, so why put him here? Oh well, I guess they couldn't squish the gigantic sprite in like they did with Wargoyle.

This boss is a pushover to the most poshover-ish capacity. Just by attacking you can win this fight. If you wanna go fast, just copy Hockomonkey's strategy.

You say good-bye to the Dream Eater, to Neku and co., but not to a Keyblade!

Knockout Punch KH3DKnockout Punch

Equip it, since it boosts both Strength and Magic.


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