That's the name. The name of evil. The name of the hardest obstacle you've ever faced in this game. Luckily you have Pedrokingdomhearts to help you. You're f***ed.

The Preparation

For the fight, be sure to:

  • Have Leaf Bracer, Scan and Second Chance on.
  • Have the Unbound Keyblade on.
  • Be at level 50.

The Fight

Arrive at Traverse Town. Enter the Fountain Plaza. He'll break the sewer lid open and attack you.

Julius KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medeum


Yeah, yeah, a lot of you are kind of sad this isn't as hard as I built it up to be, but it still is a complicated battle that is almost hard, but falls a bit back. Julius has lots of Strentgh and HP, but his Defense is not so good and his punches (All attacks he does with his fists) can be blocked and dodged easily. But all his other attacks can't. There's one attack where he throws himself at you, which can be dodged with a Dodge Roll. The other non-blockable attack is the hardest. Julius throws himself from the highest building and starts to... Butt bounce? Don't get me wrong, that attack hurts like crazy. When that happens, Flowmotion away frow him. Use all of your Commands, but you can't use your Spirits. Not that they're gonna make the battle worse, it's that they dissepear when the battle starts. In the middle of the battle, Julius will cast Thundaza, and while that you'll be Dodge Rolling, and for a short time his hands will be electrecuted. While that, his attacks hurt EVEN MORE. So, keep Curaga focused the whole battle.

After that, Julius will flee into the sewers. You'll get a new Keyblade.

Ultima Weapon KH3DUltima Weapon

As in most KH games, the Ultima Weapon is the best in Magic, but loses to another one (Unbound) in Strentgh. But who cares? You won't be needing them anymore. YOU BEAT THE GAME! Now go see the ending.


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