It's time to go, to the sidequests go, with Pedro! (Hey!), with Pedroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

List of Trophies

I've never been a completionist. I have tried, but MAN, is it complicated. I may try of when KH2.5 comes along but we'll have to see. In KH3D, I'm also not a completionist. I just stole this template out of the wiki, argo getting credit for someone that spent hours awake and even needed one of those strange Japanese cameras to get the pics.

Ok, I'm just kidding, I'm not evil. I got around 75% of these trophies, but I don't have a wierd Japanese camera, so I worked with what the wikia had. And it's not crime, since these images are not copyrighted (Ooops! Sorry Disney!) and the wiki is public. But enough of me blabbering, which you probably skipped. Naughty child.

Trophy Name Description
In the Clear Trophy KH3D
In the Clear (クリアトロフィー
Kuria Torofī
?, lit. "Clear Trophy")
Proof you have finished the story.
Badge of Pride Trophy KH3D
Badge of Pride (プラウドトロフィー
Puraudo Torofī
?, lit. "Proud Trophy")
Proof you have finished the story in Proud Mode.
Stop Drop Roller KH3D
Stop Drop Roller (ドロップトロフィー
Doroppu Torofī
?, lit. "Drop Trophy")
Proof you have racked up 2,000 Drop Points.
King of Rush Trophy KH3D
King of Rush (フリックトロフィー
Furikku Torofī
?, lit. "Flick Trophy")
Proof you have taken first place in every Flick Rush cup.
Keyslinger Trophy KH3D
Keyslinger (バトルトロフィー
Batoru Torofī
?, lit. "Battle Trophy")
Proof you have taken out 2,500 Dream Eaters.
In the Munny Trophy KH3D
In the Munny (マニートロフィー
Manī Torofī
?, lit. "Munny Trophy")
Proof you have amassed 5,000 munny.
Dream Pleaser Trophy KH3D
Dream Pleaser (ブリーダートロフィー
Burīdā Torofī
?, lit. "Breeder Trophy")
Proof that you have maxed out every Spirit's Affinity Level.
Portal Champ Trophy KH3D
Portal Champ (バトルポータルトロフィー
Batoru Pōtaru Torofī
?, lit. "Battle Portal Trophy")
Proof you have completed every Special Portal and Secret Portal.
Daring Diver Trophy KH3D
Daring Diver (ダイブトロフィー
Daibu Torofī
?, lit. "Dive Trophy")
Proof you have scored more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode.
Motion Slickness Trophy KH3D
Motion Slickness (フリーフロートロフィー
Furī Furō Torofī
?, lit. "Free Flow Trophy")
Proof you have defeated 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion.
Treasure Seeker Trophy KH3D
Treasure Seeker (トレジャートロフィー
Torejā Torofī
?, lit. "Treasure Trophy")
Proof you have found every last treasure.
Spirit Guide Trophy KH3D
Spirit Guide (スピリットトロフィー
Supiritto Torofī
?, lit. "Spirit Trophy")
Proof you have obtained at least one of every Spirit.
Critical Praise Trophy KH3D
Critical Praise (クリティカルトロフィー
Kuritikaru Torofī
?, lit. "Critical Trophy")
Proof you have finished the story in Critical Mode.
Reality Shifter Trophy KH3D
Reality Shifter (リアリティシフトトロフィー
Riariti Shifuto Torofī
?, lit. "Reality Shift Trophy")
Proof you have defeated 50 enemies using Reality Shift.
Pro Linker Trophy KH3D
Pro Linker (リンクアタックトロフィー
Rinku Atakku Torofī
?, lit. "Link Attack Trophy")
Proof you have linked with your Spirits at least 50 times.
Stat Builder Trophy KH3D
Stat Builder (ステータストロフィー
Sutētasu Torofī
?, lit. "Status Trophy")
Proof you have maxed out every stat-boosting ability.
Memento Maniac Trophy KH3D
Memento Maniac (メモリアルトロフィー
Memoriaru Torofī
?, lit. "Memorial Trophy")
Proof you have saved at least 20 photos while bonding with Spirits.
Frequent Friend Trophy KH3D
Frequent Friend (フレンドトロフィー
Furendo Torofī
?, lit. "Friend Trophy")
Proof you have placed at least 30 Link Portals.

Spirits, Spirits, Spirits

Your cuddly friends who most of the time (But not always) save you.

Symbol - Dream Eater (Spirit) Name Journal Description Obtained
Aura Lion (Spirit)
Aura Lion
オーラライオン (Ōra Raion?)
Self-styled king of the dream jungle—and he does look pretty regal when he's firing off that aura. But bow not to this king; it's your turn to dodge and deliver. Spirit synthesis
Cera Terror (Spirit)
Cera Terror
(ツノケラトプス Tsunokeratopusu?)
This Dream Eater has two modes, high defense, and a mastery of melee. But magic is enough to mire it, and it's prone to negative status effects Spirit synthesis
Chef Kyroo (Spirit)
Chef Kyroo
(カエルシェフ Kaerushefu?)
Frogs' legs are definitely not on this foodmeister's menu. He's skilled with a skillet and ready to serve up all kinds of surprises. Spirit synthesis
Cyber Yog (Spirit)
Cyber Yog
ヤギサイバー (Yagi Saibā?)
Here's a hircine hazard that shoots lasers from its horns. Once the blast-a-thon subsides, though, it's open season. Spirit synthesis
Drak Quack (Spirit)
Drak Quack
ドラゴンモドキ (Doragon Modoki?)
This quack likes to toy around, dancing maddeningly out of reach and blasting you with fireworks. Close the distance and shut this clown down. Spirit synthesis
Drill Sye (Spirit)
Drill Sye
ドリルサイ (Doriru Sai?)
Once upon a time, there was powerful rhino that could transform into a ball of spikes but hated magic... Well, you probably know where this is going. Spirit synthesis
Ducky Goose (Spirit)
Ducky Goose
ハラグチアヒル (Haraguchi Ahiru?)
After a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose with this cracker-packing loon, just about anyone would want to shove him into his own jack-in-the-box. Spirit synthesis
Eaglider (Spirit)
タカイーグル (Taka Īguru?)
A total natural in the sky, this super-sniper has the very unfortunate habit of gloating when it lands a shot. Spirit synthesis
Electricorn (Spirit)
エレキユニコーン (Ereki Yunikōn?)
Do electric unicorns dream of androids? More importantly, can you stop this thunderslinger before it's done gathering juice? Spirit synthesis
Escarglow (Spirit)
デンデンカルゴ (Denden Karugo?)
Homebodies who like to hide in invincible shells. Only problem: too many attacks will cause the shell to pop right off, leading to blushing and potential bruises. Spirit synthesis
Fin Fatale (Spirit)
Fin Fatale
ギョライギョ (Gyoraigyo?)
Who ordered fish with lasers? Before you get blasted, bring the thunder, and you might just shock their gills off. Spirit synthesis
Fishboné (Spirit)
ホネフィッシュ (Hone Fisshu?)
When this fish falls apart, it's only just getting started. It can disassemble itself to dodge and launch lasers from afar. Spirit synthesis
Flowbermeow (Spirit)
ハナダワンニャン (Hanadawan'nyan?)
It's fast... it's floral... and unlike Meow Wow, fire won't faze it! Only problem: along with being part dog and cat, this one seems to be part chicken. Beat it and luck might favor you! Spirit synthesis
Ghostabocky (Spirit)
オバケゴースト (Obake Gōsuto?)
A wight that can blink out of sight and fight with sprite-height frights is tight... but smite it with light and it's nighty-nite, aight? Spirit synthesis
Halbird (Spirit)
ナルバード (Naru Bādo?)
Hit-and-run air strikers that pester their prey. While their tactics are sound, why do they stop to gloat every time they land a hit? Spirit synthesis
Hebby Repp (Spirit)
Hebby Repp
ヘビトカゲ (Hebi Tokage?)
Hyperactive and a real handful, these reptiles rock it hard when they roll. Dodge their attacks and then counter! AR Card

Spirit synthesis

Iceguin Ace (Spirit)
Iceguin Ace
アイスペンギン (Aisu Pengin?)
These chill customers will slip in for the attack and slide out to hit opponents with a blast of cold. To them, fire is most dire. Spirit synthesis
Jestabocky (Spirit)
オバケピエロ (Obake Piero?)
When this spoofy spook isn't pretending to be prizes, it's trying to nab the real ones...and there's your opportunity to strike. Spirit synthesis
Juggle Pup (Spirit)
Juggle Pup
アシカジャグラー (Ashika Jagurā?)
Their poker faces are hard to read, and every attack is a gamble, but on a good day these Dream Eaters will "seal" the deal. Spirit synthesis
Keeba Tiger (Spirit)
Keeba Tiger
キバタイガー (Kiba Taigā?)
What's there to say about this aura wielding speed demon? It doesn't fire its aura that often, so look for your chance and take it! Spirit synthesis
KO Kabuto (Spirit)
KO Kabuto
ツノカブト (Tsuno Kabuto?)
With a cannon for a horn and an ironclad frontal defense, this sharpshooting beetle battler will be tough to dent unless you can get behind it. Spirit synthesis
Komory Bat (Spirit)
Komory Bat
(コウモリバット Kōmoribatto?)
These noctillionine nuisances boast quite the repertoire. Supersonic confusion waves? Yep. Vampiric drain attack? Just vunderful... Tutorial (Riku's story)

Spirit synthesis

Kooma Panda (Spirit)
Kooma Panda
(クマパンダー Kumapandā?)
The bigger they are, the harder they claw... It'll take more than a few punches to the paunch to make this lumbering panda see stars. Spirit synthesis
Lord Kyroo (Spirit)
Lord Kyroo
(カエルおうじ Kaeru Ouji?)
Master of the sword and sorcerer with the most, this brave little smartypants makes for a staunch companion... unless he catches fire. Spirit synthesis
Majik Lapin (Spirit)
Majik Lapin
(マジックラビット Majikku Rabitto?)
Whoever pulled this rabbit out of a hat taught it a few spells of its own. Fun fact: its left ear and right ear each fire off their own magic! Spirit synthesis
Me Me Bunny (Spirit)
Me Me Bunny
(ミミバニー Mimi Banī?)
This cutie may play the darling, but watch out: it knows "bun fu." Back away and pick these fluffy pests off from a distance. Spirit synthesis
Meow Wow (Spirit) KH3D
Meow Wow
(ワンダニャン Wandanyan?)
Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out. Tutorial (Sora's story)

Spirit synthesis

Necho Cat (Spirit)
Necho Cat
(ネコキャット Nekokyatto?)
This feline knows it's better than you. It doesn't walk: it "dances." It doesn't use magic: it "hits you with magical awesome." Close the distance and put this cat on the mat. Spirit synthesis
Peepsta Hoo (Spirit)
Peepsta Hoo
(ガンミフクロウ Ganmi Fukurō?)
This wise guy uses Scan to find weaknesses and attacks accordingly. But completing the Scan takes time... Isn't that a weakness, too? Spirit synthesis
Pegaslick (Spirit)
(ハンサムペガサス Hansamu Pegasasu?)
While this winged, gale-force menace is trying to tether the weather, you should be taking it down before it's too late. Spirit synthesis
Pricklemane (Spirit)
(ハリライオン Hariraion?)
These bouncy pincushions take "stick and move" to a whole new level. Look out when they turn red with rage! Spirit synthesis
Ryu Dragon (Spirit)
Ryu Dragon
(リュウドラゴン Ryū Doragon?)
Land and air are two separate play-grounds for this mythical monstrosity. But even a big, smart, fast contender like this can be put on ice (literally). Spirit synthesis
Sir Kyroo (Spirit)
Sir Kyroo
(カエルソルジャー Kaeru Sorujā?)
Count on these little guys to stand by your side. They've got the swords and sorcery down, but a dose of fire will melt their courage. Spirit synthesis
Skelterwild (Spirit)
(ボンツビワイルド Bon Tsu Bi Wairudo?)
This skelly's head and body are like two pesky Dream Eaters in one, but fire will send it back to the grave. Spirit synthesis
Staggerceps (Spirit)
(ハサミクワガタ Hasami Kuwagata?)
This distance fighter has a chest-mounted cannon and ammo that can lock down movement and commands. Spirit synthesis
Tama Sheep (Spirit)
Tama Sheep
(タマシープ Tama Shīpu?)
This roly-poly Dream Eater loves to sleep, and so will opponents it gets its lamb chops on. At least its defenses are, uh, "mutton" to worry about... Spirit synthesis
Tatsu Blaze (Spirit)
Tatsu Blaze
(モエロタツホース Moero Tatsu Hōsu?)
Prepare for burnination and other horrible punishments at the hands of this fireball-spouting multitalent. Spirit synthesis
Tatsu Steed (Spirit)
Tatsu Steed
(タツホース Tatsu Hōsu?)
These bubble-blowers are deadeyes at long range and punching bags up close. Now where would you rather be? Spirit synthesis
Thunderaffe (Spirit)
(イダテンキリン Idaten Kirin?)
You know how fast lightning is? Well, these Dream Eaters don't... because they leave it in the dust every time. They move in straight lines, though, so just make sure you stay out of their way. Spirit synthesis
Toximander (Spirit)
(ドクドクサンショ Dokudoku Sansho?)
These easygoing Dream Eaters still know how to play hardball. While you're snoozin', it's poison and confusion they're oozin'. Approach with caution! Spirit synthesis
Tyranto Rex (Spirit)
Tyranto Rex
(ボウクンレックス Boukun Rekkusu?)
The second-or-possibly-first most vicious Dream Eater out there. Put it on ice before it puts you in a tough spot. Spirit synthesis
Wheeflower (Spirit)
(イイフラワー Ii Fuwarā?)
These Dream Eaters stick by their friends, dishing out flower power to keep their HP in the green. Spirit synthesis
Woeflower (Spirit)
(ワルフラワー Waru Furawā?)
This Dream Eater is a total downer, inflicting negative status effects left and right and getting pouty when companions leave it behind. Spirit synthesis
Yoggy Ram (Spirit)
Yoggy Ram
(ヤギホーン Yagihōn?)
What do rams do? They ram you. Real talk: nobody rams like a ram does. Better wait for an opening! Spirit synthesis
Zolephant (Spirit)
(ゾウエレファント Zou Erefanto?)
Throw this titan into a tizzy and you had better take cover! But once the tantrum tapers off, it's wide open. Spirit synthesis
Frootz Cat
Frootz Cat
(フルーツキャット Furūtsu Kyatto?)
Punishably pink and sinister levels of sweet, this Necho Cat snipes opponents with magic and heals buddies with fancy footwork. AR Card

Spirit synthesis

Kab Kannon
Kab Kannon
(タイホウカブト Taihou Kabuto?)
Who wouldn't want a KO Kabuto with a fiercer horn, adaptive ammo switching, and rock-hard defense? Its enemies, that's who. AR Card

Spirit synthesis

(キングダニャン Kinguda Nyan?)
The crown says it all. Get this Meow Wow mammoth bouncing, and you've got yourself a battlefield full of royal pancakes. AR Card

Spirit synthesis

R & R Seal
R & R Seal
(バカンスシール Bakansu Shīru?)
When this siesta-loving Juggle Pup rolls the dice, it might pay off big, or it might just backfire. Hope it bought traveler's insurance... AR Card

Spirit synthesis

Sudo Neku
Sudo Neku
(ネクッポイ Nekuppoi?)
A Hebby Repp with stylin' threads and a serious 'tude. Whatever's piped through those phones has turned its "inner emo" into "outer aggro". AR Card

Spirit synthesis

Ursa Circus
Ursa Circus
(クマダダイサーカス Kumada Daisākasu?)
This big-top buffoon version of Kooma Panda might seem tame, but if the other guys let their guard down, they'll be the ones jumping through hoops. AR Card

Spirit synthesis

And, for now, that's what I have. There's not much other sidequests beyond the main ones. Speaking of which...


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