"Majik Lapins and Me Me Bunnys are evil"

The World That Never Was (Cont.)Edit

Oh, you're still there! In that Save Point I told you to Save on! Head forth through the rest of the area and you'll find a big circle. You notice in the map that there's no passageway to another area. That means that now there's no return. Do you really want to do this? I mean, you could die in there! No? You want to finish the game? Fine, I'll go with you. As you enter the circle you see Sora sleeping. It seems he won't wake up. The darkness of his nightmares make a being that rises towards you.

Anti Black Coat
Anti Black Coat- Nightmare KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


For this guy, all of his attacks can be dodged by a simple Dodge Roll. One attack that you should care about is when he throws you into the air. He leaves you with 1 HP and sometimes leaves an extra attack underneath that immeadiatly kills you. So, if you see a line of darkness on the ground comming towards you, Dodge Roll away! As always, use all of your Commands and your Spirits, but do keep Curaga in view since his attacks do hurt. But sadly, he has pittifull Defense and little HP, so it's a preety easy battle.

The being will fade away, but Sora still is asleep. You hear the voice of Ansem, who says that Sora can't wake up. He pulls you into darkness and taunts you. But Riku's too smart for you.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (Form 1)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


First, the battle will start with both of you floating. The thing to do is strike him with all you got and dodge his attacks by pressing ButtonY. Soon, he'll be open to Reality Shift. You will want to get that right, because once you do it a floor will appear. That will make the battle much easier. The rest is copy-paste from the other bosses. Block and Dodge Roll his attacks, use all of your commands and your Spirits, keep Curaga in view since his attacks hurt, He has low Defense and HP, all that good stuff.


Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (Form 2)
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness- Second Form KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Okay, I really don't need to list attacks. They don't hurt and they don't do nothing. Only two are important: One is that he blows you all the way back. For that one Flowmotion foreward and it is probable that he may give you an attack that doesn't really hurt. If you stay back there he'll lazer your ass to a liary ass grave. Another is when everything gets black and he blows you back again. Dodge the forewarding sound orbs of doom by walking and beyond that, there's nothing. Just do what you do best and it'll be a breeze.

After destroying Ansem, Riku returns to the dark city. But this is the real one. Walk across the street to find the castle. Several Dream Eaters come to assist you. Reality Shift one of them to arrive at your destination, the round room, where Young Xehanort reveals the true meaning of the organization. Mickey comes right on time and stops the clock, but someone manages to stay moving.

Young Xehanort
Young Xehanort KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medeum


This boss is really confusing. Okay, let's strart from the beggining. Young Xehanort has pesky HP and Defense, nothing we can't deal with. His attacks however are complicated to dodge, most of them are physical, and he can teleport to a point where he has advantage. But it's nothing too horible. Use your favorite commands, deal high damage, your Spirits... questionable, but if they help you, fine. When he dies, here's where it gets complicated. Xehanort will turn into a clock. Get near it and Reality Shift it. Missed it? Well, then fight another Young Xehanort but with much less HP. (If it was only that we had to fight, I'd say Square gave up.) When you do get it right, you get to attack the clock, but mirrages of YX (Young Xehanort) appear to protect it. You can't fight 'em, but they deffinatly attack you! Dodge them as much as you can, and keep Curaga in front of you. These guys' attacks HURT. But for the very least, they are healable and dodgeable. I'd say in this first time, attack the clock only once, because the clock has a timer, and once it ends, you'll have to fight the same YX that you fought when you missed the Reality Shift. When you return to the clock, it will have the same mirrages and the same timer, but MUCH lesser HP. Do what you do best, but keep your guard at all times.

After that, Xehanort will appear and explain everything. A battle will commence Axe(MIG!!!) Lea will appear and Donald and Goofy will save the day. Wait what? It doesn't matter. The 7 lights and the 13 darknesses shall fight at the right place at the right time and the right game. Sora shall be taken to the Mysterious Tower, and Riku, being the only one who can do so, dives into Sora's sleep. Dive and tag 30 Soras. Once you get to the ground... WHAT IS THAT?!

Final Boss: Armored Ventus Nightmare
Armored Ventus Nightmare KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Oh, why, Square, why? Of all the final bosses you could have, you picked this? His attacks are dodgeable easily and healed easily, his HP is pittifull, he's asking to be killed! Use anything you have to pawn him. Commands and Spirits. When the setting goes white, only use Balloonga. Other attacks don't hurt him. All of his attacks can be dodged with a Dodge Roll and Flowmotion. He does have good Defense, but nothing that can't really stop us. When he dies, you enter a link with supposedly Sora and start to clash with the Nightmare. There, Don't do nothing. Just keep pressing A Button- Nintendo DS. Done.

After that, the armor will start to break...!!! Sora! Sora will dive deep into his heart, and Riku follows him. Then, you'll be in the islands. Several characters will appear. Respond to them like this:

  • Roxas: Losing something that's important.
  • Ventus: My close friends.
  • Xion: To recover something important.

By responding that you'll unlock the Secret Ending. In Begginer Mode, you'll also need to collect 13 trophies. In Standard, 7. In Proud, 5. In Critical, None. Riku then sees a bottel in the sea. Suddenly, Ansem the Wise appears and talks to Riku about Sora and his research. Riku then flies out to see the aweakened Sora, who is having a tea party. After that, Riku is Keyblade Master. As for Sor-



Yeah, that. And that was Kingdom Hearts 3D, folks! I hoped you enjoyed... wait, there are still things to do. TO THE SIDEQUESTS!!!