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The World That Never Was

You arrive and recognize the place. Head forth untill you hit a dead end and attack that round thing untill it lets you Reality Shift it. In the next section, you'll be in a crossroads. First go north to find a chest containing Curaga. Now go west and then north. Explore that area a bit to find a Dream Eater recipe. Then go all the way west to find another Reality Shift thing. It will crash and we'll fall to the middle of that laser machine. Get the treasure that's in there (A Doubleflight) and then Reality Shift it. It will reveal two more passageways, north and east. North takes us out of there, so let's explore east. Once you get there, don't touch the red wall. It hurts. Flowmotion to the top to find a Dark Splicer. In the next area, just keep moving foreward to the end, nothing special here. The next one applies the same, and the last area has pipes going up. Go up the first pipe and when it ends go right. Keep going right untill you find a chest with a Dream Eater recipe. Now fall all the way down. Go up the first pipe again, but this time go all the way left. Once you get to the top, you'll find a Save Point. This is what we call a Final Rest, it's like the admin. Save because the last part is gonna be full of ass-kicking... most likely your's.


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