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PKH Still thinks this is the best world EVA!!!

Symphony of Sorcery

As we arrive, we see that there's a flood in the tower. Head upstairs and dicover that it was Mickey who accidently flooded the tower. Head into the music piece to find a Sound Idea. Inside lies... The Nutcracker Suite! In the first area, head foreward to a musical note thing and Reality Shift it. Flowers will open to make your passage. Use Flowmotion to go to the top of one of the trees to find a Zero Graviza. Head to the end of the area to find another musical note thing. You know what to do. It'll open a passageway to a new area. There, head to the center to find yet another musical note thing. Reality Shift so the leaves will open to make a passage. In one of the most to the side leaves there is a Dream Eater recipe. Head to the end to find the passageway. The last area... Has one treasure. It's an Ice Barrage and it lies atop a snow hill accesible by using floating snowflakes. At the end of the area you find the Sound Idea, but suddenly everything goes dark. You see Young Xehanort, who troubles us once again. Your abyss awaits says he, who summons the mighty...

Chernabog KH
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Yeah, I know that's the sprite from KHI, but I like it better. Ok, this is a Dive boss. You have got to be kidding me. Three hits and he's done for. What is said to difficult the battle is the Dive route, and that is true. Chernabog launches you to an even farther place every time you attack him. Along the way there are obstacles you can dodge by moving and ghosts that will suck your soul out like those guys from Harry Potter. The way to beat them out of you is pressing ButtonY. Done! Chernabog will die as soon as you know it!

After that, Riku and Sora release their Sound Ideas to make powerfull music. Mickey and the others see that Xehanort planned things even farther in advance than we thought, and we get a new Keyblade.

Counterpoint KH3DCounterpoint


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