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''It's time to dance

It's time to thrive

With PKH,

You're gonna die''

Dive Boss!!!

Brawlamari (Riku's Side) KH3D
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


YOU AGAIN? Haven't you learned from Sora that your so easy, and then you come to Riku who's even more badass? ARE YOU CRAZY?

The battle starts out the same from Sora's story. Defeat him for an upgrade that, to be real, doesn't do ANYTHING exept up his HP. The only attack I can se somebody having trouble with is his final attack before showing off. To that I say: Hide behind the rocks. That's all you need to know; Same thing as Sora, just with a touch more HP.

Country of the Musketeers

Arrive and see that Pete's up to no good once again. Go into the building, since there's nothing in the courtyard. Go to the stage to discover Pete's evil plans. Go to the next area to find Minnie and the Beagle boys. In the next room, there will be more smoke makers. Break them and find a passageway to the Grand Lobby. There you'll find a chest with Shadowbreaker. Back in the other room, your Spirits are going to be on to something. It's the mechanism that will make the first Beagle Boy appear. Defeat him and use the mechanism in the middle of the room to go to the next area. In this newly found room, go near the Save point to find a breakable wall. Inside is a large chest (Containing Stop) and two smaller chests. Back to your search, go foreward (not left) and there will be two Beagle Boys in the area. One is in the middle of clothes in the corridor, and the other is in a breakable door in the big part of the room. After that, find a...

Holey Moley
Holey Moley (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


If somebody told you that a battle between Riku and a mole that uses carrots and pots as attacks was the most challeging fight he ever had, would you really belive him?

All of his attacks are dodgeable with dodge roll, though they do hurt. As always: All your commands and your Spirits. One attack in particular, he goes into the ground and unleases 1000 arms out to you. The solution for that: DO NOTHING! Watch that scene from above and wait for the boss to return. And... I think this wraps it up! Just add a bit of Cura and this battle is ours!

For winning that fight you get Shadow Slide and Shadow Strike.

After that, Riku is thaught the Musketeer words and we try to comprehend Lea's mouthing. It seems that Sora and Riku are in a trap plotted by Xehanort himself. Oh, and we get a new Keyblade.

All For One KH3DAll For One


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