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Eh... I think this fits better.

Monstro Logo KH

There ya go!

Monstro (From Prankster's Paradise)

We've been swallowed by the monster of the sea, Monstro. And Pinnochio is once again plotting with the guy with the cloak. Pinnochio is even more evil than I thought. Mabye it was Lucifer (A.K.A. Mefistófeles, Chernabog, The Horny Man...) that made him instead of the Blue Fairy. And she brought her greatest warrior (Jiminy) to kill the puppet. Nice idea for a script. In the next room, up straight ahead 'till you beat the wall and up to the highest point there is a chest containing a Spirit recipe, and to the far end of the room, past the exit there is another containing Mini. In the following room, you find Pinoke and... DA FUQ? YOU! LITERALY! Follow on, and hit a sklunky thing to go upside down. You'll need that to collect what's in the far end of the room (Upside down) a chest with a Collision Magnet. Just be carefull with the DIP that Monstro stole from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The next room will have... Nothing. Go towards the end and hit another sklunky thing. Pilars will rise above you giving you passage to access the tunnel foreward. Head towards the exit to find a final haven. After that...

Char Clawbster
Char Clawbster (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


This guy is just like his cousin Chill. Exept he's even easier. I'm not kidding, he even has the same strenghts and weaknesses as Chill, exept he's a lot smaller and has weaker attacks. Use your favorites: Fira, Blizzara, Spark Dive, Strike Raid and your Spirits, and keep Cura memorized so you can heal, since his attacks, while all EXTREMELY simple to dodge, do hurt. There's really nothing more I can say, these bosses are all the goddamn same!

Please, Square, give me something to work with here!

After that, Pinoke's back with his dad, Riku filosofies, King Mickey is worried that Minnie was captured by Maleficent, all that good stuff. And you get a Keyblade:

Ocean Rage KH3DOcean's Rage

Though different in design, it is the same as the Ferris Gear, exept with a boost in Magic, which makes it better than the Guardian Bell for Magic lovers at least.

But again, there is trouble in Traverse.

Traverse Town (2nd Visit)

You'll need Sora's story completed up to this point to go into this story. After that, you'll be in the 1st District. Joshua and the gang need help. Head for the Fountain Plaza to find Beat and Rhyme, and follow the Dream Eater into the alley. You'll find that he's summoned a bunch of Cera Terrors to attack you. It may be a little hard but you can take it OK. Head to the 3rd District to pin it between the two worlds. It'll flee, but at least we get a new Keyblade.

Knockout Punch KH3DKnockout Punch

What? Maleficent? Pete? Axe(MIG!!!) Lea? Eh... To the next world!


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