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Letting Pedrokingdomhearts guide you was your stuppidest idea ever.

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As you arrive you are greeted by guards. You'll eventually meet Sam and head to the Light Cycle field. Defeat all your enemies with your new bike and then comes the Commantis. When she's in your tail you can give great damage but be carefull when she charges. When she's in front of you use Assault Shot and be carefull with her attacks. After the cutscene ends go backwards to the carrier. It's a shortcut. Click on city and fall down once you get there. Defeat all the Dream Eaters and go towards the Solar Sailor like Flynn said. Go through the area and once you get to a window with two guns attached, use Reality Shift on the two guns and fall down the broken window. Headed into the next area, have a nice father-son moment, until the bad guys capture us. Head through the two next areas, which have nothing in them. Arrive at the throneship and approach the disk. We'll save Quorra and head to our destination. Head to the next area to fight the boss.

Commantis (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Medeum


This boss' attacks are easy to dodge, but hurt (How Original!). He has high defense to normal attacks but falls to commands (Again?). And he has pitfull HP (Sutility isn't your strong point.).

His strategy is as copy-paste as you can get. Blizzara, Spark Dive and Fira are affective, use your spirits, do what you do best. What sets it apart are two things: One, the pain of his attacks, much like his partner Rinzler, so keep your Cure locked on. Two, his numorous Reality Shifts. Seriously, almost the entire battle this guy's open to these. They'll stun him or make him drop prizes. Towards the end use it to kill him. Nothing more to say.

After that, Flynn dies (No! Flynn Lives!) And we see that Axe(MIG!!!) Lea and the others search for the missing members.

Dual Disk KH3DDual Disk


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