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I say no one is reading these anymore.


Dive Boss!

Queen Buzzerfly
Queen Buzzerfly - Riku's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Is it me or do Riku's bosses have a darker color pallet? Oh well.

Hail Queen Buzzerfly, queen of the bees. Hail dog poo, this poke is nowhere queen. To beat her, you must first beat her henchmen. When they fly up, use Areal Break to spot them sooner and try to defeat them all in one try. After that, queen dog poo will be exposed along with her pitfull HP. It is possible to beat her directly in one try, but that's really rare. All of her attacks can be dodged by simply moving your Analog Stick a bit.

La Cité des Cloches

As we arrive, we meet Esmeralda, who says Frollo is evil. We've played trough Sora's story so we know that's true. She suggests Notre Damme, a place for answers. There we meet Quasimodo, but we also meet a Frog (But that's for later) And a chest containing Fira in the far end 2nd floor. Head towards the outskirts of town, past the square, and the next area is useless. The 2 next areas are passable just running and dodging attacks from above. If you can't pass something, just smash it out of the way. After that, you'll see that Frollo is in a dark obsession and that he's plotting with the Dream Eaters. The big one is headed towards the cathedral, but first in this very area there is a chest with Sliding Crescent. Oh, and you also get Sonic Impact for watching the cutscene. Head back the way you came, and as you arrive you'll see the creature. Climb up the cathedral to find Frollo, Who falls to his doom. Have a moment with Ansem and Young Xehanort, and prepare for the boss.

Wargoyle - Riku's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Wargoyle has only learned how to better his looks, because he fell since he battled Sora. So what if he can fly? We can fly too. And in a way that Spark Dive still works. The bosses in KH3D have a pathern: They have attacks that hurt but HP and Defense that are pittifull. As with Sora's story I ain't got much to say on this boss. Do what you do best. Spirits do well and Fira, Blizzara, Spark Dive and other commands do great damage. Normal attacks also work fine. All of his attacks can be dodged by moving or using Dodge Roll. Cure is fine to use. Not much to this fight.

After that, Quasimodo gives a small speech. Riku is told that when he is ready he must open his heart. And that he just won a new Keyblade! A side note, on Riku's story, all the Keyblades are the same as in Sora's story, so I won't explain again why to put it or not to put it.

Guardian Bell KH3DGuardian Bell


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