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It's hard for PKH to make a walkthrough with all these kiddies running around.

Traverse Town

After Sora's ''event'' you're playing with Riku. You meet Joshua, who's AWSOME every time he's on screen. Head over to the 2nd district to find Beat. Defeat the Dream Eaters he calls forth, and #(@#($)!#(*$(*#!)*($(*#%(*$¨(*¨¨(@$&¨¨(@(%*&$(&*%(&($(@*&(&%&$¨#@$#@#¨%¨&%*&¨*&¨(*¨(&*(&%¨((¨&¨¨**&()()¨(¨¨)(

You reawaken and... SOMEONE WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IS IN DANGER!!! Go help the lady! Defeat all the Dream Eaters in the 1st District and she'll call you her knight in shinning armor. BUT RIKU IS TOO COOL FOR YOU! Go through the door in front of you. The 2 next areas hold only one treasure and are completely usless beyond that. A Thunder on the first bridge in the first one, a Blizzard Edge on the top of the fountain on the second. The 4th District is useless, and the 5th holds Young Xehanort and a boss.

Hockomonkey (Mage)
Hockomonkey - Riku's Side (Nightmare)
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Oh, Yeah, Hockomonkey. You didn't learn nothing back in Sora's Story, did you? His attacks are even easier to dodge, but there is one attack that takes it all: Hockomonkey lets go of his hands and summons two more hands. It's not how the hands are themselves, but being numbered makes it hard to escape. But aside for that, this battle's nothing. Use Fire, Blizzard, all that good stuff and in one point, you can even Reality Shift so you can stun him! Potions can be used, but Spirits aren't needed.

After that, the Shibuya gang abides as you gain a new Keyblade.

Skull Noise KH3DSkull Noise

As you know, equip it for it's Strenght.


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