AA: So, Fellas, Now that our cards are over, we will run to the door to see if it gives more. However, you'll bump into a member of the Organization - Larxene. After the cutscene, it'll be time for a boss battle.

Organization Battle: Larxene

Her main attacks are the use of her knives and thunder. She also heals herself occasionally with Item Cards. The best time to attack is when she's reloading her deck. Try to keep away from her Thunder attacks by either dodge rolling behind her or card breaking them, as these moves do a lot of continuous damage to Sora. Her throwing knives are best avoided as well, and can act as a nuisance when you're in the middle of a Sleight. Try to use Raid Sleights to your advantage here, and use as many Summon Cards as you can.
HP: 920
Attack: 6
Experience: 1925
Thunder (card)100 Acre Wood 2 (card)Atlantica 2 (card)Neverland 2 (card)Hollow Bastion 2 (card)

So, after the Battle, Larxene will give you the 2nd set of World Cards! So, now move on to...

AA: Really? Is this right?

Producer: It's what the script says

AA: *Sigh*...Let's go the 100 Acre Woods!

<cicadas sings>

AA: I expected that euphoria...

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