Producer: AA, why do you keep our conversation in "background discussion"

AA: To make the Walkthrough more organized, that's why...

Director: But we do want to participate of it too...

AA: ...*Sigh* Ok, i won't use it anymore


AA: Just don't disturb me and it's fine!

So, where was i?

Producer: Well, you were supposed to go to Halloween Town

AA: Oh right

So, are you prepared to Scream???
Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Halloween Town 2 (card)
Halloween Town
Pumpkinhead (card)
"Obtained in Halloween Town. Easy to handle with a fast recovery after card breaks."
Jack (card)
Jack Skellington
He uses magic like Donald. If you stock more of his cards, the higher level of magic he will cast.
Gifted Miracle
Simba (card) + Fire (card) + Jack (card)
Any summon card + any magic card + Jack
Bambi (card) + Blizzard (card) + Potion (card)
Bambi + Blizzard + Any item card
Reloads your cards, resets the counter, and restores HP to friends and foes alike.
Gravity Raid
Blizzard (card) + Fire (card) + Aero (card)
Blizzard + Fire + Aero
Hurl the Keyblade and trigger Gravity upon impact.

Anyway...When Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at Halloween Town, Donald takes a super-duper scare from Jack Skellington.

Producer: After the conversation, you'll learn Terror and get the Key of Beginnings. After battling all of the Heartless in this room, hit the door with the Keyblade and synthesize with a Black Room card. If you don't have one, go through the door like you normally would. After battling all of the Heartless in this room, hit the door to the right. You can use a Moogle Synthesis card if you have one, or just battle all of the Heartless and hit the door to the right again. After getting rid of all the Heartless in this room, strike the door and head to the fifth room.

Director: After killing all the Heartless here, go back to Room 2. Get to the top door and get into the sixth room. Kill all the Heartless and strike the top door again, this time synthesizing with any of your normal cards with a value of 5 or up. Head through Room 7 to Room 8 and then back to Room 6. Get to the door to the left and use a card with a value of 3, a card with a value of 4, and the Key of Beginnings. A cutscene will follow where the three meet Dr. Finkelstein. After the conversation, you'll get the Key of Guidance and be able to move on.

AA:...You're always that efficient in explanations?

Producer and Director: We try to do so^^

AA: Anyway, Go back to Room 8 and strike the door. To get through, use a card with a value of 6, a card with a value of 7, and the Key of Guidance. Here you'll find Sally. After some conversation, Oogie Boogie will steal the potion and run away with it. Naturally, you have to get the potion back. Run after him by going back to Room 5 and striking the door at the bottom. After synthesizing an Attack Card with a value of 3 or less, adding up green cards to sum up to the value of 30, and the Key of Truth, you'll be set to fight Oogie Boogie in the next room.

Scary Boss Battle: Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie KHII

Oogie Boogie is all about dodging and Card Breaking. From where you start, a gate will be in between you and Oogie Boogie. Since you don't have the option to attack him, you'll have to card break the dice he throws down. Once that's done, the gate will lower and Oogie Boogie will throw more dice down. Keep repeating the same process and eventually the gate will lower completely. Attack Oogie Boogie with your best cards until the gate comes back up and your way is blocked once again. You'll have to card break more dice before you can begin to attack him again.

The Gimmick Card, if used, will lower the gates entirely, allowing Sora to get to the higher level. You can remain on the platform until he drops a red inflamed dice that knocks you off, and the gate is raised back up. Almost all of his cards are 7's and 8's, so it's really easy to break them if you have a few 0's or even a few 7's. However, it is recommended to stock 8 or 9 cards in place of 7, because not only do they break Oogie's attacks, they also allow Sora to counterattack Oogie. Whilst you are on the lower level, he will send a few deadly attacks to hurt you. One attack sends about 5 iron knives to slice you until you can break it. You have to act fast, because the knives can really damage your health if you are not careful. The Dodge Roll may prove a little useful, but not much. Breaking the card is a much better option. He can also keep you occupied by summoning some Heartless for you to defeat. They are not too difficult and can easily be deterred, considering most of the cards played will still come from Oogie.

His most used attack is throwing brick-red dice on you while yelling "Off with him!". These dice will damage Sora on contact, but it has horrible accuracy. If you use the Dodge Roll, or even just run, these dice can be avoided. If you have enough cards, you can attack the dice and the Gimmick Card will appear.
HP: 750
Attack: 15
Experience: 791
Oogie Boogie (card)

After defeating Oogie, You'll receive his Enemy Card, wich is EXTREMELY valuable in this game, since its ability, Regen, will heal you oftenly when used. Anyway, after the battle, We are going to...Oh, Another Organization Battle, huh...I may warn you, it'll be SHOCKING!...Really SHocking!

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