<backstage discussion>

AA: Aw...I need to go now! I'm getting back soon^^

<exit the screen>

Director: So, am I supposed to subrtitute him?

Producer: Sorta^^, Because you're the Director^^

<backstage discussion>

Heh...Huh...So...Wonderland, huh?
Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Wonderland 2 (card)
Lady Luck (card)
Lady Luck
"Obtained in Wonderland. A balanced weapon that is easy to handle."
N/A Stop (card)
Causes all enemies in range to receive the Stopped status effect, halting their movement for a time.
Stop Raid
Stop (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Stop + Kingdom Key + Kingdom Key
Hurl the Keyblade and trigger Stop upon impact.

So, huh, I'm not used to this thingy so...

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Wonderland, the first thing they see is a rabbit who claims that he's late. When he runs off, they follow him and encounter what looks like an outdoor courthouse. Alice is being sentenced to death for a crime that she didn't commit, and Sora has no choice but to intervene. After Sora claims that he stole the Queen's memory and not Alice, she orders the cards to seize them.

Bunch of Cards Battle: Many Card Soldiers
Card Soldiers KHREC

So, not really a Boss...I only used the Re:coded sprites because they are UNCONTABLE! Really, they can be a lot, or maybe not...On both cases, they are realtively easy, More even than the Fat Bandit, So they shouldn't be a problem...But man, if i do something wrond, ArchAngelus will seize my Head!!!
HP: Many...Not much
Attack: 7
Experience: Not much too...
Card Soldier, Spade (card) OR Card Soldier, Heart (card)

After the battle, everyone will notice that Alice has disappeared. Just as the three of them are about to get bombarded by a large group of cards, Sora gives the order to run and they run into the forest, where Alice is waiting. After she thanks them, the Chesire Cat appears. When the conversation is over, you'll end up in the Bizarre Room. Not only will you run into the Queen, but also a large Heartless. This serves as your next boss battle.

Boss Battle: Master Trickga Trickmaster
Trickmaster KH

Trickmaster will initially begin by juggling its batons, regaining HP as it does so. It is recommended that the player uses Magic. The only other attack that Trickmaster has in this stage is slamming its batons onto the ground, creating a small circle that erupts in flames. It will then continue to jaunter around the room. After depleting the blue bar of its health, the Trickmaster will initiate another attack, which launches a fireball at you. This attack can be easily dodged by jumping up. During each card break, the Trickmaster will slump foward, dropping it batons and exposing itself for attacks.
HP: 650
Attack: 11
Experience: 512
Trickmaster (card)

Now, after defeating the Trickmaster, You'll be free to leave wonderland!

<sees AA coming back>

AA: WHAT? I can't go to the bathroom for one minute, that my Director go crazy with the Walkthrough WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!

Director: It wasn't my fault...I...I...just...

AA: At least you made it right...BUT DON'T REPAEAT IT! Not when i don't need it...

Director: OKAY!

AA:...So...Next step...Free Wi-*Cought*...Monstro!

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