So Fellas, ... Wait a sec guys! I'll be right back!

<goes to the backstage>


Producer: I don't know! you might have left them somwhere else!

AA: ...So am i supposed to improvise?

Director: Maybe...

AA: ...

Director: ...

Producer: ...

AA: Sometimes, I hate you guys...

<goes back to the screen>

Oh, Well, Improvise...So, ...

As Donald Says, We are going to enter in the competition...So let's run for the preliminary course!!!
Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Olympus Coliseum 2 (card)
Olympus Coliseum
Olympia (card)
"Obtained in Olympus Coliseum. Powerful with a quick recovery after card breaks."
N/A Blizzard Raid
Blizzard (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Blizzard + Kingdom Key + Kingdom Key
Hurl the Keyblade and inflict ice damage.
Metal Chocobo (card)
Metal Chocobo
"A special attack card that can break through physical defenses. A bit difficult to handle."

So, Hades inspects the announcement shortly after you leave and becomes infuriated with the way Hercules is portrayed as the "perfect hero". Cloud arrives shortly after, assuring Hades of his promise to give back Cloud's Memories.

Jump up the ledge and attack the Heartless to start a battle. There will be quite a few battles to start here, which makes Olympus Coliseum the perfect place to grind. Head through rooms 2, 3, 4, and 5 and you'll reach A. Talk to Phil, who directs you back to room 2. From there, open the way to B and you'll bump into Cloud. After a little talking, the three found out Cloud's true intentions - not to win the cup, but to get rid of Hercules - and start the battle.

Final Fantasy Battle: Cloud
Cloud KH

if you're a Final Fantasy Fanatic, Seize each moment of this fight, because it's the last one involving a Final Fantasy Character...XS
  • Cross-slash (Cloud - A1 (card) + Cloud - A1 (card) + Cloud - A1 (card)): Cloud performs a three-hit slashing combo.
  • Omnislash (Cloud - A2 (card) + Cloud - A2 (card) + Cloud - A2 (card)): Cloud performs a multi-hit aerial slashing combo.

Usually, he'll run behind you and execute the sleight Cross-Slash+, let loose 0 cards to break this sleight. Eventually he'll stock three Cloud cards to execute Omnislash, his strongest sleight. Only release 0 cards when Cloud starts yelling and flying, continue to break his cards and sleight and eventually he'll only have two cards left. Pick up from where you left and continue hacking him and he'll fall.

A faster strategy would be to just store two Cure cards (normal ones, not Premium Cards), and have half of your deck comprise cards numbered 7 or more. You can easily launch Stun Impact several times, giving you room to attack him. You may use the 0 cards to break Omnislash, or if you don't have any (that is, if you have chosen Olympus Coliseum for the 2nd floor), dodge him! Keep your distance while curing and reloading cards, and you'll be able to take him down in a flash.
HP: 2 bars
Attack: 7
Experience: 250
Hi-Potion (card)

So, after battling Cloud, and arriving at the finishing line, Hades will appear to attack Hercules, but we are the heroes of this game, So we are the ones that have to battle him.

Boss Battle: Hades, the Lord of the Dead

Bada bim, Bada boom!
  • Temper Flare (Hades - A (card) + Hades - A (card) + Hades - A (card)): Hades spins in place, firing two long range columns of fire from his arms.
  • Firagaball (Hades - M (card) + Hades - M (card) + Hades - M (card)): Hades fires a single fireball at Sora.

There is no proper sequence to his attacks, so be on your guard. Be sure to have Cure cards and 0 cards stocked up in the deck, as well as a sufficient amount of Card Points, and use Dodge Roll whenever necessary. Using Sleights is highly recommended, lest Hades break Sora's single-card attacks. But make sure after using Sleights you still have cards remaining to continue the boss fight. It is recommended for Sora to use either Blizzaga (three Blizzard cards) or Blizzard Raid (one Blizzard card + two attack cards), as these work well against him. Also, try not to use Donald's Friend Card, because there is a risk of Donald casting Fire on Hades, causing him to recover. You might consider using a Blue Rhapsody card to increase the damage dealt by Blizzard attacks, if you wish.

When he's blue, he'll usually either be floating around or using a close-range fire attack which shouldn't be too hard to break. After he's taken enough of a beating in this form, Hades will change color and start using attacks that deal more damage, including both short and long-range attacks. Try to get behind him as often as you can when he's in this form, and eventually he'll switch back to his initial form.
HP: 480
Attack: 7
Experience: 372
Cloud (card)Hades (card)

After all the zazzling, You'll receive Cloud's Summon Card (YAY) Now you can use him in battle! So, leave Olympus Coliseum, do all your way to the other Door, and use the Wonderland card, because we are going to...Wonderland!

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