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AA: So we have to wait until the purple boy shows up?

Director: Well...Sorta^^

AA: ...

</backstage discussion>

So, Fellas, Now we have engaged in the Deserts of Agrabah! Wait...What is Goofy Saying?
Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Agrabah 2 (card)
Three Wishes (card)
Three Wishes
"Obtained in Agrabah. Fairly strong with a fast swing."
Aladdin (card)
When summoned, he runs about the field, slashing with his sword as he runs. His Sleight is called Sandstorm in which any enemy Aladdin hits will also be stunned.

Aladdin slashes with his sword for a maximum of five hits. Each hit produces three Moogle point orbs. Each orb is worth four points in Levels 1 and 2. At Level 3, a single Moogle point orb is worth ten points.

Gravity (card)
Forms a miniature event-horizon that crushes the target.
Blazing Donald
Fire (card) + Donald Duck (card) + Fire (card)
Fire + Donald Duck + Any magic card
Donald flubs a Fire spell...

It's Aladdin, trying to fend off a group of Heartless. Let's help him!!!

Heartless Ambush Battle: 4x Bandits and a Green Requiem
Bandit-ChOfMemBandit-ChOfMemBandit-ChOfMemBandit-ChOfMemGreen requiem CoM

Fist, get the Green Requiem, as it can cast cure. After that, lay many keyblade slashes on the 4 Bandits, and don't forget to heal when necessary.
HP: Many
Attack: 7
Experience: 30

When the battle is over, more Heartless will appear(HELP!!!)...When the battle seems never-ending, Aladdin will break out his lamp and summon Genie. His first wish - get rid of the heartless - will have Genie wipe out the group for you. Genie explains that Aladdin has two wishes left and then disappears.

After, a cutscene will show that Alladin make Genie a promise, and they go on to search for Jasmine. Then you'll see Her sorrounded by Heartles. Genie takes up some, but now you have to wipe out the rest...

Another Heartless Ambush Battle: 2x Shadows, 3x Bandits, and a Fat Bandit
Bandit-ChOfMemBandit-ChOfMemBandit-ChOfMemShadow-ChOfMemShadow-ChOfMemFat Bandit-ChOfMem

Fist, First take out the Fat Bandir, as it is the most powerful heartless. When this one is done, take out the other too should be a piece of cake.
HP: Many
Attack: 10
Experience: 31

Jafar will take the lamp away from Aladdin and take away Jasmine with the help of the Genie. After Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin make Jafar use his second wish, Jafar decides to use the third one to turn himself into a genie. The boss battle for Agrabah then begins.

Boss Battle: Genie Jafar and a Parrot Iago
Jafar (Genie) KHIIIago KHREC

Don't even look at Genie Jafar, uless he is attacking. You don't do damage to him at all! Instead, Focus you attention to Iago, who is flying on the top of the screen, holding a lamp, wich is your true target. Attack Iago until he drops the lamp (which can take quite some time since the platforms will rise and drop as they please and Iago will be flying out of Sora's reach unless he's on one of the higher platforms) and Genie Jafar will dissolve. But watch out! His attacks are extremely tough! So avoid them and heal when necessary!
HP: 550
Attack: 7
Experience: 233
Jafar (Genie) (card)Genie (card)

Once you've defeated Genie Jafar and get his card, as well as the EXP, You'll receive the Genie's Summon Card! Now, go back to Room 3 and strike the remaining door. Synthesize to make 3 or more. Clear the room of Heartless, go through the door, and you'll end up back at Castle Oblivion. However, no story or battle in this Floor now (YAY)...So climb up the next stairs, select up the Olympus Coliseum Card and Let's go to the God's Arena!

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